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I don’t wanna be friends with nobody who can’t defend me in a room I’m not in.

or one that I am in
It helps to remember that you have felt similar feelings before.
Each time you made it out alive- regardless of how unprepared or stupid you may have felt.
You don't get to enjoy every single moment of your life.
There is dread, anxiety and regret.
That is life.
As much as it is good, it is bad.
Just overcome.
Like you've always done.
Do not argue with an eloquent or foolish person. the eloquent will defeat you and the fool will harm you
Your faveorite person is not always right. They can be wrong. They can be devastatingly, brutally, sickeningly wrong. Esp if it be about you not being enough.

You're always enough.
The very idea that you're too kind, too sensitive, too emotional, too enthusiastic, too loving is batshit preposterous.
I can't imagine how much it would have hurt
I can't let it go 
I can't take my words back
I can only try to fix
But it's not about me-
It shouldn't be.

I feel so selfish.
I'm sorry.
A thousand sorries
will still won't be enough.

It hurts that I hurt.
It's not okay.
I lie when I say it's okay.
When you would never do to them the things in which they do to you.

Breaking you down to dust
Breaking you down to dust
Breaking you down to dust
Breaking you down to dust
Breaking you down to dust
Hands up if you too went through your hardest times alone because yoour pain inconveniened, angered or annoyed people!?
When the very people who tear you down
Then console you.
Not even halfway through the current show I'm in and I've already been cast in another. I am so thankful to be able to be apart of this theater community <3
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