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you know a big part of me still believes that you could fix everything?
my dreams and thoughts are always filled with you.
when holidays are coming up, i'm wishing i could spend it with you.
when bad things happen, i always think about
how different things could be with you around.

i always feel like i'm just killing time until i can meet you.

   "It only
  this much

it's just an escape i've been wanting.
i don't want to respond to anyone or
meet up for food or celebrate you.

just want to be with him.
engulfed by him, laughing with him. 
enjoying him.

maybe it's stupid, or a form of self sabotage.
i don't really care.

i'm sick of all these distractions and wasting time building nothing.
just want to be with the one who accepts all of me.
If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my second worst.
"Be The Lucky Star That Shines Through The Darkest Night."
Ignorance is the engine of war
- Nikola Tesla

Confession #1
I  Love rain and hot coffee, while I read and eat dark chocolate.
I'm sorry I'm such a messed up person.

I'm not a  therapist,
but I understand


Money will not buy happimess for
those who do not know what they want

                                                -Ayn Rand 


One day I caught myself smiling for no reason,

...I was thinking of you

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