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Boys don't make passes
At girls who wear glasses
But in his dreams every boy seduces
A girl with laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis

I wish you weren't me
What an awful stranger
that I never wanted to be
I stand by my principles.  The fact that I stand several feet away from them with my face covered is purely a health precaution.
This site has lost its love. How Sad.
There comes a day when you need to see how much time that you are giving up to be months of sad, suffering, low all for somebody. Big chunks of your life being wasted longing for the short lived times that never seem to last as long as your suffering lasts... When somebody takes up this much your happiness...
Tired of myself
Nothing I do is ever right
I'm a headache

today i'll let you win.
i'm far too exhausted.
thoughts of you and me have tired me out.

tomorrow i'll pick a fight.
i'll remind you of who i am.
tomorrow for sure i'll make it even.
i'll be extra immature, i won't use any reason.

since i'm so embarassingly smitten,

i must poke the bear.
i'll remind you of who i am.
i'm the one who rules your heart.

back to square one again.
you know i'll fall for anything.

i'm getting a little dizzy, 
do you feel this too?
we've been here before it feels like deja vu.

your board, your rules,
my emotional roller coaster,
my grand chest master.

my gut tells me one thing,
just tell me it's not true.
you know i've already fallen for you.

now walking me back to the starting line,
can't we play this game another time?
with a glance i feel you put the blinders on.

it's dangerous,
this hold that you've got on me.
it's strange,
i don't want you to ever leave.
I'll have a mixed reality with a tangy vinaigrette.
There are √-4 sides to every √-1 story.
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