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I watched a star fall from the sky
I felt the tear slip from my eye
I had np clue what to wish for
everthing rushed my head before
I even had tiome to clear it
I had to try and forget
my window was long gone
and my emotions are to strong
as I had too many wish to pick one
which one was more important
at what cost did it fall across the sky
is it worth me freezing as i cry

Hi i need help, i want to go this year to youth exchange during the summer but i dont know where i want to go.
can you please help me to choose the location?
at first i really wanted to fly to Australia but then my dad told me its a tough fly (im from israel and its about 27 hours!! - please no mean comments about my country).
now im thinking about Danmark or USA.
Danmark sounds amazing and US sounds great too but only some of the camps and i still dont know to which camp ill go so its a kind of problem...
please help me

first rule of fight club
1. no fighting!...shakira shakiraaa


i've never done meth but i was a
one direction fan during summer of 2012 which honestly may be the same thing


instead of me having to explain why
i don't like r4pe jokes,
how about you explain why you find them funny.


i like tall guys bc they're closer to jesus


remember when like two years ago
when christmas stopped feeling like christmas for some reason


getting caught taking selfies in
public really changes you as a person


"it's all about who you miss at 2 in the afternoon when you're busy,
not 2 in the morning when you're lonely."

but what if i miss you at both times throughout the day?


my favorite phrase in the english
language is "i sht you not"

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