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The great debate across much of the world is about temporal day-to-day economic issues. Yet there is very little discussion about returning to Christlike principles focused on preparation to meet God and the condition of our spirits. We need to focus our lives and increase emphasis on spiritual matters.
Quentin L. Cook
Rationalization for bad choices will not be effective, but repentance will. Those
who repent will be particularly blessed by the Atonement.
Quentin L. Cook
The family is the most important unit in time and in eternity and is ordained of God.
Quentin L. Cook

Central to knowing the Father is understanding the revealed pattern of family. The family is the most important unit in time and in eternity and is ordained of God. Living in loving family relationships not only brings us great happiness, but it also helps us learn correct principles and prepares us for eternal life. In addition, family relationships help us know, love, and understand the Father. This is one reason Latter-day Saints have always emphasized the importance of marriage and family both in the Church and in society. God’s plan provides a way for family relationships to extend beyond the grave. We can return to the presence of God, eternally united with our families.~Quentin L. Cook

Temporary setbacks are overshadowed by persistence.
~Quentin L. Cook
you say you still like me,
and you aren't tired of me.
yet you stopped talking to
me. why?
Some build their sense of personal worth by comparing themselves to others. That approach can lead to feelings of inadequacy or superiority. It is preferable to look directly to our Father for our sense of self-worth.
Quentin L. Cook
Being an original

Is so much better

Than a carbon copy
But you're so hypnotizing,
You've got me laughing while I sing, you've got me smiling in my sleep
once i was in dark you gave me light when i started expecting the continous light u stated putting me back to the darkness...ignoring the scars i got from this things...i too had a million cracks in my heart
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