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God, keep my head above water
Don’t let me drown, it gets harder
I’ll meet you there at the altar
As I fall down to my knees


“You smell the salt in the air? You feel the sunlight on your skin? That’s all real. You see all of us together? That’s real. Life is wonderful. It’s a gift to be alive, to see the sun and breathe the air. And there isn’t really anything else.” —Michael Crichton, The Lost World

you and all your vibrant youth
How could anything bad ever happen to you?
You make a fool of death with your beauty



At seventeen, I started to starve myself
I thought that love was a kind of emptiness
And at least I understood then the hunger I felt
And I didn’t have to call it loneliness

 — Florence Welch 

  rejoice despite the fact this world will hurt you
  and rejoice despite the fact this world will kill you
  and rejoice despite the fact this world will tear you to shreds
  rejoice because
you’re trying your best
...the word ‘pretty’ is a skin deep, six letter prison they put you in.
you tried to take my light,
took me so long to find it.

So give me something I can hold
That I can trust and call my own
And won’t run out and leave me cold
Give me something that won’t tell me lies
Won’t leave me hanging out to dry
Won’t f.uck me over make me cry
Save your love and buy me diamonds


You’re in the yard, I light the fire
and as the summer fades away
nothing gold can stay



If you're lucky, you may capture the spirit of creative genius for a brief moment, maybe two.  If not, you'll have to be content with possessing it twenty-four hours a day.
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