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People got 20/20 vision when it comes to your problems, but they become Ray Charles when it comes to their mess.
It's okay to admit that you're not okay.

You are gold Touch by Midas

i don't know why
i find it so difficult
to be happy
11:43 pm

we're drifting apart.
i knew i shouldn't have
let you in. i don't know
what to do anymore.
i'm alone again, and
that terrifies me.
10 things to give up
1. trying to please, and be acceptable, to others
2. the fear of making a mistake
3. the fear of change
4. the fear of the future
5. guilt or shame that's tied to your past
6. beating yourself up or putting yourself down
7. over-thinking
8. living by your feelings
9. the desire to get even with others
10. the tendancy to procrastinate
"Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win."
-Stephen King
I dream of the past. 
I think of my mistakes.
I wonder what could have been.
I've moved on.
I've accepted the fact.
But you can't blame a man for wondering.
My dreams feel so real.
She's shed a million tears and she'll shed a million more. But for right now, you're the only one keeping her together. Don't break her.

> f a k e   a   s m i l e .
> s a y   y o u ' r e   f i n e .


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