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we're coming up on December,

But I'm not cold . . .


I caught the world on fire.  
I caught the world on fire and I watched it burn. I purged the cities, the streets, the open country with its breath to urge the flames higher as higher. I listened to the sounds until there was nothing left but the ashes beneath my feet, and I found you like a phoenix reborn in the center, whiskey lips and a cigarette grin just waiting for me.


i push away every guy who starts to come close to me because i would rather be alone for the rest of my life than be with anyone who isn't you.
You once told me "Time may changed and things may changed but your love for me would never changed". But!!!
Be you!
My dear,  this

has too many copies


and you're far
  too beautiful
not to be an
The smoke...
     the lights...
          the music...

It was just like a concert...
       and I loved it...
and just let her cry
if the tears fall down like rain
let her sing
if it eases all her pain

I want to change.
Me: I hate like Everyone.
Boyfriend: Except me right?
Me: No...especially you!

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