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Blue hydrangea, cold cash, divine,
Cashmere, cologne and white sunshine.
Red racing cars, Sunset and Vine,
The kids were young and pretty.

Where have you been? Where did you go?
Those summer nights seem long ago,
And so is the girl you used to call,
The Queen of New York City.

>>Old Money - Lana Del Rey<<

I've been a dumb in love girl that ignored the truth when it slapped me in the face I laughed with the rumors but I was only laughing at myself I've been cheated on but turned my face because I didn't want to believe when I had proof I was the game and got played over and over again I was that dumb girl who said " no he told me this and that I BELIEVE HIM" I was that girl who played #2 and got used but I was that girl who said IT WAS OKAY because " he told me" ! I didn't want to listen to anyone because " he said " I've been the girl who would hide because he didn't want to be seen with me or because his " other" girl wouldn't find out I was that girl who thought he was mine but really he wasn't nothing that sad little girl who cried at night because he was with someone else at night and not me but now I'm that WOMEN who says kiss dirt and I wish you was 6 feet under WOMEN who thanks god she wasn't the one they planted in WOMEN who looks at her life and theirs A WOMEN who learned her lesson and is sharing it to the world
she's not as fragile as you think you don't understand how much he means to her nobody cares about her like he does no one makes her feel as happy or as safe she needs that she needs HIM

I can't wait for the day when somebody tells me I am the best thing that ever happened to them & they mean it
Nothing causes more pain than trusting someone fully and then being hurt so badly by them. You can't recover from that it sticks with you then people wonder why you have trust issues but you don't trust them enough to tell them. They leave and you're back where you started. When someone comes along and wants your trust and fights for it give it to them. " 'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."-Alfred Lord Tennyson
<3 ♦ <3
Thankyou witty.

Thankyou for being there on those stormy, lonely nights where it was just me and the thoughts in my head.

Thankyou for silencing those voices that told me I wasn't good enough, that I was a terrible human being, that
I should just go into the bathroom and get out the razor blade.

Thankyou for letting me read your quotes, and realising I'm not alone. I'm not the only one.

Thankyou wittians. You may not know me, you may never have spoken to me or known that I even exisited, but if I ever read your quote, favourited it, and smiled, either on the outside or the inside, I thank you.

Thankyou, Witty Profiles, strange little internet site that is mostly unheard of in my little corner of the world, for unlocking that door in my heart, and helping me to finally understand.

I am good enough.
I deserve to be here.
I deserve to be happy.
I am not ugly, or fat, or stupid, or unworthy.

I am me.


And now he's going away. For a week. And I don't want to sound needy or attention seeking, but I'm going to miss him. And I just wish someone would understand that and not make me feel like an overly attached girlfriend.

Because it's like half of me is gone. And it hurts.

But no one gets it.

I love how one person can like my quote and suddenly I feel like an INTERNET SENSATION
What's with all the "Prove you're not a robot" tests online?

Obviously Terminator had us paranoid.

Dedication takes a lifetime
but dreams only last for a night

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