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kiss me hard before you go (• ε •)
-summertime sadness by lana del rey

I love evey little thing you do (◡‿◡✿)
I think when you tell people not to do something, they always react the same, and do it anyway....

It's like a trigger

You say "don't do that"....and the person just ignores that,  

Or you say "leave me alone"....and the person ignores that too

Do you know
whats funny?

I thought you still cared. Silly me.
Make today special. Hug a stranger. Pole dance on the bus.Throw muffins at the traffic cop. I don't understand inspirational quotes. Hotdog.

I wanna be with you forever.
I want you right here beside me forever
~ Pooh
Why is it I barely have any signal in my house but the Taliban can upload videos from a cave in Afghanistan?
Son you're grounded
*dad walks in*
*son whispers in dad's ear* *dad nods* Sorry hun he's invoked bros before hos. Grounding revoked.
It's Jamaican hairstyle day at work tomorrow...

I'm already dreading it.

Life has never given me lemons.
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