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Life is too short, Enjoy it.
Relax, it's not as big of a deal as you think it is.
Looking back to where I was at the begining of the year, I could never have predictied that I would be here
my heart went squiggly and shy
You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.
Ray Bradbury

‘The Tale of the Faithful Dove’,
I wish I wasn't
I can only wish for this
Because there's no way -
I could make that happen.
I can never, even if I wanted to.
I used to wonder why health stores always looked empty.  It turns out there are plenty of customers inside, but you and I can't see them because they've evolved into pure energy.
"I'm not bad.
                                    I'm just drawn that way."

~Jessica Rabbit

i was filling out a form and the form asked *what are some of your strengths?* and me being the hilarious comedian i am was like *ohhhh nooo ha ha ha its asking me what my sTrEnGtHs are ahh* expecting her to laugh with me but instead shes like *oh noo haha you can leave it blank*

jesus christ
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