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How do you make the never ending loop
take a new way? 
Why are you so unfair?
test a mans true character give him power and see what he does with it
now i'm just another girl with *~mommy~* issues
didn't you notice when my "friends" all sat at another table?
didn't you notice when i had to hold back tears?
if not then, then when? when will you ever notice?
why is it so easy for you to ignore me?
I'll be your biggest mistake.
I don't want you back.
Rights always win. Maybe next year I will get rid of the name refugee from me
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen.  Which technically means I myself don't know the trouble I've seen.  The point is, hopefully I haven't seen an excessive amount of trouble.
Faith may move mountains, but it never yet made a mountain stand still.
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