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all my grief says the same thing:this isn’t how it’s supposed to be.
this isn’t how it’s supposed to be.
and the world laughs.
holds my hope by the throat.
says:but this is how it is

— Fortesa Latifi

No amount of sleep in the world could cure the tiredness i feel...
HYPOPHRENIA: a feeling of sadness seemingly without a cause  :/
Everyone thinks I'm smart. I just work hard sometimes. When I do well it's brushed over, because it's expected, because I'm "naturally smart." Do naturally smart people even exist? For a whole semester I just barely passed everything. I worked my butt off and only just scraped through. I was so nervous when my report card came. But my parents didn't even look at it. I should have been relieved, but I was just hurt. I always get sensitive over the most trivial things, but years after I still. Idk. I still think about it sometimes. How they didn't check because they assumed it was all A's. That's kinda when I realised I had to start working hard for myself. My parents are already happy, assuming I'm acing everything. I needed to work hard for just myself, because to some extent they didn't care.
The Sun challenges us to Shine, the Clouds remind us to Move, the Birds tell us we too can Fly and the Sky tells us that there is no limit to our Dreams and Goals.
They fought everyday. Little did she knew those fights will make him more close to her.
She was the reason why he quit smoking.
"A few months later".
She became the reason why he starts smoking again.

Most Guys Don't Realize,

She tells you she's okay ; but its not really true. You're stupid to believe it ; she lied to you.
She's really hurt ; her hearts going insane. You're very clueless ; You're the one causing her pain.
Instead of being her umbrella ; your the pouring rain, You're the slitting cut ; close to her viens.
You have another girl ; right after your break up. You dont even worry about her ; you ruin her make up.
You called her a b.tch ; she has no leash. You called her annoying ; you compared her to fleas.
She's like a mirror thats broken ; she soaks her pillow when she cries. She finally stops crying ; she's drained out.
Her heart keeps beating ; it hasnt powered out. You're h0e breaks up with you ; you try getting back with your ex.
She's over it ; she moved on to the next. She still loves you ; but she dont wanna get hurt.
She needs to feel loved ; not her heart feeling the burn. Cant go back and forth ; Stop hurting innocent hearts.
You strike at their heart ; as if you were a dart.

I want that,

"Baby I love you more" , kinda love. The "you're the only one that I adore", love.
That, "I'll always be here for you", love. Or, "I'll always support whatever you do", love.
What about, "I want you to hold me tight", love. "You're the only one I want tonight", love.
Maybe, "I can't wait to start our chapter", love.
Baby, "I want our happily ever after", love. But mostly I want that, "I will always love you no matter what", "I'm gonna stay faithful and true", love.
"My heart only has room for you", love. "You're my soulmate", kinda love. "Lets get married, I can't wait", love.

Yeah ; That love.

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