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Don't forget about me,
Don't forget about me,
Even when I doubt you,
I'm no good without you.

I wondered what happened when you offered yourself to someone, and they opened you, only to discover you were not the gift they expected and they had to smile and nod and say thank you all the same.

They tell you you’ll forget how it used to be. You’ll get used to it, that it’s better to move on. They don’t realize you can’t. You’re not the same person anymore.



the honest to
              GOD TRUTH IS              
that i'm mad at myself. I SHOULD'VE KNOWN BETTER.


You said you loved someone else; only when you was gone you said "I love you"
"There are enough people so self-obsessed that if they don’t see or show their own face regularly through social media, they feel so stressed that they may also fall sick for a day or two."
~Anuj Somany
It's depressing how horrible reality can become as we grow up. 
Is so sad to find out that all those things fairy tales sold us as kids only existed in our dreams.
It's hard when we open our eyes and see the real world.
And then we must accept...
That we will never be the same again.
Today I learned...
That I hate everyone.
You know what you do? Would you like me to tell you what you do? You actually go out of your way to torture yourself.
Even the constellations can see us now: we are seventeen and shattered and still dancing. We have messy, throbbing hearts, and we are stronger than anyone could ever know.
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