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I live in South Yorkshire and the remains of hurricane Ophelia are hitting us. This is really bad the sky us yellow and the sun is red its mega windy outside. I think this is bad but England only had the remains. Poor AMERICA
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i keep telling myself that if wonder woman can stop WWIII and frodo can get the ring to mordor surely i can get out of bed.

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I've always been told to avoid danger, but
I was never told the trick to avoid danger when it comes up to me as 
 Danger can be beautiful,


// Hearts are as Fragile as Flowers

The sunken in couch cushions remind me of
your absence when it's late at night, and I'm
waiting for texts that won't come. Somewhere
you're asleep in a bed that we should've been
sharing, but the only thing that fills the
places your warm breath should have been is
the dull ringing in my ears from your silence.

and if you want a good girl, then goodbye

it's crazy how a goal can somehow make one feel less useless
with no spaces in between, no room for any

I use to be able to say that
you'd never see me smile
in pictures. But today.

You're the reason why. 

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