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With another night came a stabbing text. Breakup was what it meant. I replied with a smile. She came close and kissed me goodbye.It was 14th Feb again.I went out again.I kissed again.I made a promise "we will never part away my dear" looking at the beer bottle in my hand".

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Those who have the FREEDOM to Row can get to where they want to Go! #Inspiration #Motivation #RVM
i'll break your happy

you're doin damage that nobody's ever did

How do you rid the Earth of humans?
Rid the human of their humanity

~If there is no happiness, create it~

Some things you can never leave behind.
They don’t belong to the past.
They belong to you.

~The voices in our head are the same ones that tell us we're not loved by the ones we love most~
"Our brains are sick

But thats okay, our grades matter more than our health anyway"
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