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Dare to be Different. The World is full of the ordinary.
Dare to be Different. The World is full of the ordinary.

i wanna waste your time like you wasted mine


Under a sea of clouds I fight

for the wind, my  love, as she tumbles



The sun will still smile down on me if I cry. The world won't end just because I want it to either. I can't hold onto the hands of time and ask them to stop for a moment or an eternity. Life is just happening to me. My parents just decided and i was poofed into existence. A soul was breathed into me and it's still here. Breathing even if i don't want it to. The sun will still set whether i want it to or not. A new day will roll around whether i'm prepared for it or not. Right now life is just happening to me. No other way to describe it. Life isn't hurting or exciting me. It's just happening. Like i'm just watching a movie, nothing too problematic or uneventful. It's just on because someone decided to turn it on. But i'm the one who has to watch it for its entirety incase something happens. idek.
Be Grateful you are not like a rock that has no Choice. The sun shines on it, the waves splash at it. You have a Choice to Move and to Make your Dreams come True.



i fear
no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you


I had the idea that the world’s so full of pain
it must sometimes make a kind of singing
…and if I
never touch you, well then, we never die.
Listen, even lovers have still lives,
have whole months when they hang
together like moths on an unlit
light bulb, waiting for the bulb to light,
but if it never does then the moths
survive, meat should be allowed
to sit on the table forever
without being devoured by flies
and if that’s not possible, well
then we still have this picture,
the still life not of how it will be, but of how it was, for the knife and the meat
and the flies, and for us on the night we
hesitated together.
From now on, love,
we will always be about to destroy
each other, always about to touch.


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