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Th e  s t r o n g e s t  peo ple

A r e  n o t  t h o s e  w h o  s h o w


 [ ] i n  f r o n t  o f  u s , [   ]

b u t h o s e
who win battles we know nothing about.

You make me laugh even when I'm not even in the mood to smile

I'm basically the human version of the first or last piece of bread.

format by jannette

L i f t   u p
your head 
p r i n c e s s ,
  if not the crown

f a l l s .


Just for

the record,

the weather

today is

slightly sarcastic

with a

good chance



or B.)

Disinterest in

what the

Critics say...

@ enrikute
Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you. 

She likehim. Hlikes her.
it's obvious to everyone, except them.


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Don't trust too much
Don't love too much
Don't hope too much
Because, that "too much" can hurt you so much

So today has been HORRIBLE and it's not even noon yet! I swear, I should've just stayed in bed today. After I dropped my little sister off at school, I was on my way to my school and I almost got into FOUR car accidents on the way there! NONE are even my fault either! First, a school bus cut my off, then a motorcycle came out of nowhere (I swear it did), then at a four way stop sign, it was MY turn to go and this huge truck thought it was HIS turn to go, and the last one, a van cut me off. I HATE drivers here! They really don't deserve to have a license! AND when I got to school, I was REALLY mad so I didn't stand up to do the pledge and I got in trouble because I didn't stand during the pledge! Like, seriously, HALF THE SCHOOL DOESN'T STAND FOR THE PLEDGE!!! UGH! Can today just be over already?!
The worst pain ever is stepping on a lego.
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