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daydreams were dangerous, because they made
her wish for things she could never have
Your mind fixes things  
Your heart blows it up  
Hi, i am Mark jonson and I am from New York, US.
My Perfect Guy..
Is someone who shares the same
deep pitted hatred of
most things and most

Someone who loves Fall
out boy as much
as I do.

Someone who loves gory
horror films.

Someone who loves me 
and would never question
  it or so much
as bother look at
another human being the 
same way they look
at me.
Every moment of Life is a Challenge to Choose. Some Win, some Lose.-RVM
all these questions that will never be answered..
All i wanna do is just leave this town and never look back. You told me this as we sat on my roof with smoke dilating our pupils and clouding our minds. Your bright blues percing into my dull greens. Lets just drive and drive until we find ourselevs floating in an oblivion ive only dreamed of. Nothing would tear my soul from yours I promise on this bottle and and the way you laugh that I'll love you forever. Four months later the promise i had plastered into my drug abused mind was broken. The only explanation you gave me was four words, thirteen letters. I have my reason. After a total of fifty seven days i found your reason and and it was all black hair, red lips, and long legs. Now i sit on my roof alone staring at that bottle and listening to my laugh wondering which one broke to justify you leaving me behind with nothing but dull greens and empty words burned into my corrupted soul.
I'm a Chicken

Raised with Doves

Being awkward is my best skill
No. No. No.
I know that tang,
That tang of addiction,
I remember it the first time I sliced my skin
And I regonize it now
As I drink this liqour.

No. No. No.
I can't repeat the cycle

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