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It's The Little Things That Kill
Tearing At My Brain Again..

Living in a city with sleepless people,
who all know the limits & won't go too far outside the lines
'Cause they're out of their minds.
I wanna get out & build my home
on a street where reality is not much different
dreams I've had
A dream is all I have...

You ever just look at someone and think, ‘Holy fück I’m 110% down for them. The good and the bad. The clarity and the confusion.’ And you realize they quite possibly might not feel the same way about you but it’s okay because you’re going to love on them and motivate them and encourage them to be the best them they can be anyways? Like hey you might not have wanted me as badly as I wanted you but I still showed you what you’re worth and I hope you take that with you when you find someone you want as badly as I want you.
format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE.


so give me something to believe
cause i am living just to breathe
and i need something more
to keep on breathing for
so give me something to believe

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Life won’t always be like this, a mess
of colors of choices of decisions
you’re too afraid to make. Your body
won’t always feel like this, a collection
of fears of thoughts of memories
mixing together in the folds of your mind.

You are a person, a soul, a creation
made of muscles and matter that are stronger
than you could ever imagine.

Rest your worried head on my shoulder.
Close your eyes and breathe deeply, in out.
Remember everything is temporary—
and you won’t always feel like this.

You are not the only one who feels this way,
who walks with tender steps, too afraid to be led
down a path that will take you farther from home.

But home is not one place, never has been.

Home is everywhere your feet have wandered,
every place where you have laughed or drank or slept
or kissed. Home is in the faces of the ones you love.
Home is the hearts beating in their chests, calling for you
to return again. Home is wherever you claim it as your own.

And so you are never lost, just wandering. Finding, rediscovering,
claiming all the places you now belong. And always will.



Loving you was never easy.
But I guess no one ever said love was.


Try to say nothing negative about anybody for three days, for forty-five days, for three months. See what happens to your life.


There are people you meet that you get to know,
and then there are people you meet that you already know.

format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE.

        accept the fact that
    think it makes people              
TerriBLY uncomForTaBLe.
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