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I rocked her world.  

She papered mine.

im not sure if you will see this today or ever xP but i want to say happy birthday, i hope youre having a great day you deserve a million and 900 more great days 💖
Does truth always hurt?
I like you and
I don't expect the same back
But i wish I was good at lying.

I'd like to pick the shell I dropped
in the big ocean.
But I wish because I lost you somewhere,
Deep down.

I'd like to help you see the sky,
and I'll find a way.
The true story is not based on a true story.
Every robot dances the human being.
so what we gonna do, babe?
do what you want.
but there's a lot at stake.

what should i do, babe?

there's no right or wrong answer
but i can't make a mistake.

choosing between peace and patience,
sanity and perserverance.
should i just be selfish?

but you're not being selfish.

eitherway i'm afraid and confused.
with each passing month my decisions become more serious.
i guess i'm really grown up now.
my decisions carry more weight now.

Am i actually attracted to them, or are they just another golden retreiver gamer boy? 

Generation's To Come
By: Justice Elliott

Every generation goes through a new type of segregation. Different problems but the same level of responsibility never taken; At least not from the ones who should claim it. The ones in charge have the power to change things, they have it all but still take advantage of the people who work hard to get what they cannot keep. Our pockets are wiped clean, our purity turns to darkness and our hearts harden; its the only way to survive what we deal with in our streets. You may think you run your life, but in reality we're all puppets, controlled by someone from behind the scenes. Its the ugly truth so many rather be blind then see. But we're not blind, all we have to do is open our eyes. We're apart of the problem and its time we stop assisting in their mass genocide. Lets make a plan for all our sakes; we are the 99% which means the odds are in our favour. The 1% cannot take us, its times we show them the monsters they've created. The damage to us is already done, but we can pave a path much better for the generation's to come. Allow our children to be proud of the people they become, give to them what was not given to us. Many regrets but this will not be one.

While sitting here trying to figure out my purpose in a world that seems to loath my existence. I've had the epiphany that I think my purpose is to care for those who cannot care for themselves. And if you can't care for yourself, then you can't care for others which means I'll strike out each and every time. It'll never matter what I do for them or how much I care for them. They will never be able to love me the way I love them. They'll never be able to care for me the way I care for them. My purpose is to make others feel like they have worth. All the while, I am chronically lonely without ever truly being alone. I don't want to do it anymore. Maybe that's selfish for not wanting to make others feel worthy of something, or feel loved without having it reciprocated back. I don't think I was ever meant to be happy. When is someone going to come along and make me feel worthy and loved? Where is that someone who won't just love me for the first few years and stop trying once they have me? Where is my person who drops everything for me because they want to see me happy, not because my sadness makes them feel guilty?

I don't think that person exists. It doesn't have to be a significant other, but what about even just a friend? A friend that doesn't make me feel like a burden when I talk to them? A friend that texts first? A friend that keeps my secrets and doesn't judge me for anything? A friend that puts me ahead of other friends like I would for them?
Who am I kidding?


There's nothing so precious as a mother's love.  So even if I did have to pay my mom nearly $35,000 to love me, I think it was a good investment.
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