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(: i like people who smile when it's raining :)

''But you're pretty...''
''But you're smart...''
''But you have friends...''
''But you are loved...''
''But you don't seem like that type of person...''

''But depression doesn't have eyes. It only has hands. And it takes whoever it wants.'' 


as pretty as
           your words may            be, every single one             seems to be a lie.         


i am so tired
    of missing the person you used to be.


the older
            i become, the younger                                
                          i feel.

Th e  s t r o n g e s t  peo ple

A r e  n o t  t h o s e  w h o  s h o w


 [ ] i n  f r o n t  o f  u s , [   ]

b u t h o s e
who win battles we know nothing about.
if i could stop feeling like this
if i could just stop feeling like this
if i could just stop feeling like this
i would've a long time ago.

L i f t   u p
your head 
p r i n c e s s ,
  if not the crown

f a l l s .

every time
                                          i look at you, it's like
                        the first time ♥

Who  cares    
if you disagree? You are not me.              Who made you                  [+++]                           
                         king    of anything?

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