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They assume I'm lonely because I don't acept most of the inviations to parties. What they don't know is that when I refuse, the motive lies within loneliness concept itself: I always feel alone, speechless and interestless when I'm near shallow, empty and brainless people which purpose in life lies in taking selfies of their degradating bodies and souls - and by that, trying to, even though epicly failling, how well succeeded they are in social activity.

Their shallowness is so deep that you feel tempted to take them by profound people.

Say "Alpha" And
"Q"  Fast!!!
Fav *💝* This if

you get it.. 

I'm your carnal flower, I'm your bloody rose Pick my petals off and make my heart explode I'm your deadly nightshade, I'm your cherry tree You're my one true love, I'm your destiny


warning you have the right to remain an idiot anything u do or say will be ignored
(Btw this was not meant to harm anyone)
so its been a while since ive harmed my self, i was doing so well untill the HSC and fighting with my boyfriend so much stress is making my head spin and i dont know what to do i have been so close to picking the blade up and its scaring me i dont want to do it but i do at the same time i know its the wrong thing to do but i dont know how long its going to last i need some one to talk to :S
Remind yourself that its ok, not to be perfect

smile and be yourself
 So it's here I stand,
As a broken man,
But I've found my friend,
At the curtains of the waterfall.
You think that I'm over it but the truth
is I don't see how I could ever forgive u.
What u did was wrong i trusted u with every
thing every little secret but the first chance
u have u tell everything to HER yes her the one who
i hate yes u told the person that i would never even think
about trusting everything when i asked u if u told any one you lied ahah yeah
i already knew and decided to give u another chance
to tell me but no. See the fact is i relive that every
day in my head i haven't forgotten one bit yes I love u
but even so I have been thinking whether that is real
.. I have so much trouble trusting u that I have to
lie and say I do sometimes I just can't tel
l whether I love u or were just friends.
The worst part is I can't tell u
any of this because u can't
handle it. But who
What matters is not how many miles you run… What matters is whether you are having Fun!-RVM
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