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How women look in red leather jacket

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A woman was counting her grams of gold in Sorrow while another, who had nothing, still counted her Blessings in Joy. Happiness is not what you HAVE, but how you FEEL.
Let me say this, I personally think you missed out on this goodness. You never took the chance to get to know me. You just judged by what you think you know. Think differently because I know you're incorrect on that.
I'm actually pretty great my love.
A Letter to My Fellow Wittians:

I don't come onto this website as much as I would like to, but I'm feeling sentimental right now, so here goes.

I joined Witty when I was in middle school, right now I'm writing some of my last college papers. So when I say that witty has been part of my life for a long time, I am not kidding. This website kick-started my love for coding, my love writing quotes, and helped concrete my love for helping other. I have made so many great connections on this website. I do not talk to many of those people anymore, but I met them, they made an impact on my life, and that is beautiful. Think about, we were two little humans, on different parts of the world; somehow the stars lined just right, and we found each other, against all odds, all because of


Thank you so much for this website. I remember when I would comment on your profile and ask coding questions, and you always answered. You always spoke with poise, and I could only dream of presenting myself so eloquently. You made a wonderful website, full of wonderful people, and I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude. I wouldn't have been able to survive my middle school days without Witty. I was so lonely, and how no way of expressing myself, and with Witty, I finally found an outlet for my emotions (angsty as it might have been).

This is not a goodbye letter, I still plan on coming back when I can but I just wanted to write this.

To my fellow Wittians, espeically to the younger ones, know this much:

Middle/High School ends. 

College is great, but isn't the only path one has to go.

The angst ends.

The sadness ends.

You are never alone.

Don't let life make you bitter.

It's okay to love things. I know hating things seems cool
right now, but it's okay to love things; never let anyone
shame you for loving what you love.

Love fiercely, love with your whole being. 

Most importantly:

you will make it. You will be okay. 



Properly, we should read for power. Man reading should be man intensely alive. The book should be a ball of light in one's hands.

-Ezra Pound








 Format © dontsellyourself

The reason for the sadness of the modern age and the men who live in it is that it looks for the truth in everything and finds it.

-Edmond de Goncourt


Make yourself an honest man, and then you may be sure there is one less rascal in the world

-Thomas Carlyle

 Format © dontsellyourselfshort
i feel threatened
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