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Fate loves the fearless especially with pesto.
After years of study and practice, I'm now a scratch non-golfer.
Technically, it can't be dementia if you never had a mind to begin with.
They say that Islam supports men .That is not right because women can do or have things while men can't.For instance:men can't wear gold or silk and scientificly that was improved that wearing them is not healthy nor good for men☾⚖❤.
I do not want to be people's lady
I want to be my own lady

My heart is left out in the cold too often, I've been abandoned too many times. I'm going to lock away my love, before it drives me to the barrel of a gun.

Children are a gift from God.

Note to self: Next time, gird my loins before coming to the office.
Happy wife, happy life.  Unhappy mother-in-law, happy wife.
Life's a pitch, then you spy.
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