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I often think
about where I went wrong.
The more I do,
the less » I know .

i'm glad you exist, but could you exist closer to me

Think of me in the
DePTHs oF youR DesPaIR.

You're gonna wish
you neveR HaD meT me.
     Tears are gonna fall.
                          I can't give you what you think
you gave me.

I mean, I hope you’re happy,
but the sky is still the sky without you,
and I’m not surprised by that anymore.
format by anch0redships


I'll be my own savior,
standing on my own two feet.



I know I have a fickle heart,
And a bitternessand a wandering eye, 
and a heaviness in my head . . . . .
you LoveD me BeFoRe?


You're my best friend. I could never be mad at you that he likes you. I'm just mad at myself for thinking he could change his mind and think of me as more than a friend...

Do you ever,

Just burst out crying at,

how much your life sucks?

Or do you ever,

burst out crying because,

you feel alone?

That's me.

That's me almost everyday.
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