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How is it possible for someone to make you so happy that you can't even explain what you are feeling? You feel like screaming and singing at the same time. The butterflies are so crazy and uncontrollable that you feel like you are going to be sick. They make you so excited that it feels like you are going to explode. Anything and everything seems to remind you of them and it seriously makes your day great. Every love song reminds you of them and every sad song makes you miss them and long for them to be there with you. Their eyes become your favorite color and their voice becomes your favorite sound. And you feel like if it means that you will be with them, you will follow them to the ends of the earth.
It would have been your one year anniversary with him today.
Last night he said something that makes me think,
You hurt him worse than he's willing to admit.
And you have the nerve to still be posessive over him
Still act like you had more claim over him than I ever did
Look down on me, like I'll never be you
You have the nerve to tell me, that you cried two months from this date, 
After smashing his heart into a million pieces without warning
When all he ever did 
Was everything you wanted him to 
Found some of our old chats. didnt realize how much i missed you until now. You ment the world to me then and you still mean alot to me now. you were the one 
who kept me sane during a very dark time in my life, you were my best friend. but we grew apart. 
im sorry for all the bull crap i put you through. you deserve someone better than me. i just wish i had realized what i had before it was gone. 
all my love,
" You're Still The One I Run To . The One That I Belong To . You're Still The One I Want For Life . You're Still The One That I Love . The Only One I Dream Of . "
"Blessed are the Merciful, for they shall receive Mercy." Matthew 6:7
"Jesus Paid It All; All To Him I Owe. Sin Had Left A Crimson Stain, He Washed It White As Snow." Jesus Paid It All- Elvina M. Hall
stuck in love with you,
take a look at what you got me into


The thing is he works 9 am - 5 pm monday, 11 am to 7 pm tues, and weds - sat 5 pm till midnight .

Gunna be working graveyard all week if you want to stop in after 12:30? just let me know when.
When it's winter and the Suns ended its shift way too early. My teeth were chattering after a long day. I'd been studying from 8am, it was well past 6pm now. I hugged my coat around me tighter, my bus stop was a long power walk away. I don't like acknowledging it, but it's scary to be out at night. I popped my earphones in and was comforted by the music. Ah, the cold dark amongst a hundred other strangers is bearable now. I came across a red light, I stuffed my hands in my pockets as I tried to stay warm while staying still. I don't remember what I was doing exactly after that. Probably mouthing lyrics or trying to stand taller than I really am. But then you appeared. Oh how happy I was when I realised it was you. At first of course I had to hit you, you can't spring up on me like that! You know how I get. Huddled together you walked me to my stop. I held your hand inside my pocket. It was a short time spent with you, but definitely the highlight of my day.
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