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There's always that one girl at school who's like-


Call me a sinner, call me a saint
Tell me it's over I'll still love you the same

love me now
but what will
we have left when

Can you stop taking so long to reply?


D O  N O T  F A L L  I N  L O V E  W I T H  P E O P L E  L I K E  H I M . H E  W I L L  T A K E
 Y O U  T O  M U S E U M S , A N D  P A R K S , A N D  M O N U M E N T S , A N D  K I S S  Y O U
 I N  E V E R Y  B E A U T I F U L  P L A C E , S O  T H A T  Y O U  C A N  N E V E R
 G O  B A C K  T H E R E  W I T H O U T  T A S T I N G  H I M  L I K E  B L O O D  I N  
Y O U R  M O U T H . H E  W I L L  D E S T R O Y  Y O U  I N  T H E  M O S T  B L I S S F U L  
W A Y  P O S S I B L E . A N D  W H E N  H E  L E A V E S , Y O U  W I L L  F I N A L L Y  
U N D E R S T A N D  W H Y  S T O R M S  A R E  N A M E D  A F T E R  P E O P L E.
Things I’ve learned during my college search:
1. Most college guys are attractive.
2. Most dorms are going to feel small no matter how big they are.
3. Most colleges have mock dorms made to look like some kid lives in it year round, it is kinda creepy.
4. I like environmentally conscience colleges.
5. Some colleges have dorms without air conditioning.
6. It helps if you know what you want to be so you can look at colleges with that major. (Easier said than done.)
7. You can’t pick a college just on what they give you, even if they give you a ton of t-shirts and bags to take home.
8. Going to a college just because it has awesome cookies isn’t a good enough reason.
9. You will care about the girl to boy ratio.
10. A lot of college students play bingo, I’m not joking.
11. Money is SUPER IMPORTANT, so get as many scholarships as humanly possible.
12. Most colleges have their own gyms.
13. I have my heart set on studying abroad, so I’m going to save my money and commute.
14. When you are being interviewed by admissions, you need to remember that you are also interviewing them. So ask questions!
15. Get everything out of your tour, make sure they don’t skip something that is really important to you.
16. Questions, questions and more questions.
17. Financial aid is your best friend. Colleges track you.
18. I mean you so much as look at their website, you’ll be getting contacted by them just because you looked them up.
19. You’ll hear a lot from far away colleges, they get more money from kids outside of their state or continent.
20. Start applications as soon as possible!
21. Have fun! You don't need to commit to the first college you look at!
22. You'll feel intimidated and overwhelmed, but that is normal, especially because it is a major life changing decision.
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Because I adore you so.



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me and my best friend.


You know your childhood is over when you fall asleep on the couch and wake up on the couch.

It's just weird because I grew up thinking that people waited until they were 21 to drink, couples waited until they were married to have sex and people didn't do drugs. I thought you would always end up marrying your soulmate and I thought your friends were your friends and they would never leave your side and everyone you said "I love you" to would say it back. It's just crazy how you grow up with all this love and hope in your heart and then you're thrown into what you think is a twisted world but it's actually just life and you have to live it.  .  

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