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memories in photos
too easy to rewrite
left as lonely shadows
holding each other tight

i'm not a stranger to the dark
hide away, they say
because we don't want your broken parts

Honestly, if you're gonna be Petty with me, i'm just gonna be Petty with you. Not my fault you were the one that started the "petty war". You just want something to get mad about 😕
"why are you crying, you wanted this"
no, i never wanted this
i fell in love with you because i wanted you
but i never wanted to say goodbye
so no, i never wanted this
i feel lost in a vast forest
and you once found me
so please 
find me again
Lowkey love when petty ahh girls think everything is about themselves. Me: "OMG I CANT. SHES SO MEAN" Petty Ahh Girl: "i didnt say nun to you, but you want me to? cuz i will." Me: "??? who you talking to lmaoo dont act like we don't got beef. you fake 💚"PAG: "NOW YOU WANNA START SUM MMMMM" Me: "????" why. why do girls like this always wanna start sum.(true story. i told her bf i aint dealing with her and blahblahblah BTW bf is my ex 💚)

I once was lost but now I'm found was blind but now I see.
Amazing Grace 

Funny how my friends are asking me to give them reasons why they should live when I'm literally 1 centimeter away from death and i can't tell them i'm not okay because I'd just be selfish. Same thing with my family. Wish it wasn't, but it is.
~I'd ask you if you knew how much it hurt me to hear you say those words you said and felt all of those things you did, but i'm not. ~I'm not afraid to show you the pain i'm in. ~And clearly you dont see it because you won't stop.
I once knew what you meant to me,
ut now im not so sure.
So suddenly within a heartbeat,
you were gone. just like that.
t like you are now.
I dont think i ever missed you,
until now.
th that smile you have,
the one when she shows.
I wonder.
here did we go wrong?
I t
hought we were okay.
4 tries and we finally made it.
1 try with her and you made it.
Why didnt that work with us?
t took 4 tries, 1 to 2 every year for 3 years, to reach 2 months.
But 1 try with her to reach 1 year.
here did we go wrong?
thought we were okay.
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