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when we were 12 we could sing the quadratic formula to the tune of a christmas carol,  but we didn't know what to do when we didn't like asked us out.

when we were 13 we could name exactly how and why blood gets oxygen and how it gets to our heart, but we could not explain why our hearts and breathing both stopped when we saw each other.

when we were 14 we could describe the overarching theme of social inequalities within "to kill a mockingbird", but we did not care that our cafeteria was seperated into cool and not cool by pillar.

when we were 15 we could write pages and pages about the way trade off the coast of India evolved and was affected by monsoon seasons, but when a storm knocked the power out for two weeks, we found ourselves with nothing to do, no way to connect.

when we were 16 we knew every rule in calculus: exponential, power, logarithm, the product rule, the chain rule. we can list those in our head, rapid fire, but we do not have any rules for how to fall in love, how much to drink, how to pick our pieces up.

when we were 17 we could tell you exactly how a bill becomes a law and how often venus is visible to the naked eye, and which surveys to trust, but we could not tell you how to balance a checkbook or talk to a depressed friend or fall out of love with someone or in love with someone else.

(( public school by claire luisa ))

What if
the one that got away
came back?

What do you call a sick eagle?


I guess I'm old fashioned

- i think relationships should be taken seriously

- sex isn’t everything

- manners are always attractive

- caring about grades is attractive too

- chivalry is a plus

- saying “please” and “thank you” is really polite and prefer when people say it

- break ups shouldn’t be often and when they are they aren’t taken lightly


The best things in life are unseen.
That's why we close our eyes
when we kiss,
and dream...

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I'm the kind if friend who will help you hide a dead body, but if you betray me, just remember: I know how to hide a dead body.

never let the
things you
make you forget the
things you

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The most frightening thing about nightmares is
realizing that they were created by your mind.
Go to bed.
Go to bed, you need to wake up tomorrow.
Go to bed, you have commitments that you have to fulfill.
Go to bed, you need your rest for tomorrow. 
Go to b- ooh Witty! Maybe just five more mintues.

It's not gay rights, it's human rights.

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