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Sorry, immature is not a word you can use to describe me

You can call me a name. You can be rude to me. You can ignore me

But don't ever think you can copy me and get away with it
Maybe this site is the wrong place for writers

There's always the idiots ready to take your beautiful words away from you
By stealing another person's words, you are proving how desperate and unoriginal you are

We all have
that one friend
that complains constantlly...


I hate people....
So I have another copy cat

She took my poem right from me

She took a quote from me

And she thinks people read it and think she is inspirational?

What a self centered person

Only very immature sad people have the nerve to copy

Dear copycat, you think you are innocent?

You are not

You are pathetic
And she wrapped her arms around him                                                               
like she could keep together all of his broken pieces.
She dreaded the moment the sun would rise,                                                           
and he could no longer be hers.

Dear people,
When I say, "How annoying can you get?"
it's a rhetorical question, not a challenge.

Dan Howell. 


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