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Im in love with you, and I’m not denying myself the simple pleasure of saying that. :D
Dance a little slower
Sing a little louder
Kiss a little softer
Look a little deeper
Dream a little harder
Love a little longer
Be a little better

Don't waste Time, you can't get more of it. Even if you give away all you have, you can't get back a Minute.-RVM

It's so cold outside if somebody robbed me with a water gun I'd give them everything..
Guy: Come over
Girl: I'm coming over
Guy: We should really stop using walkie talkies in bed over


I think of all the little things we did.

like when i would crawl into bed with you and cuddle up
to you. like when we would press our foreheads together and we would both have one starnge large eyeball. like when we would just spend a day cuddling on the couch watching tv snd nothing else. like when you would cook me grilled cheese sandwhiches. like when you would kiss my forehead just because you knew i loved it.

i think of all these things offten and just the thought of it brings me to tears because i miss it so bad.

like tonight it seems i should still be there with you crawling into bed with you at this very moment cuddling up to you.

-Love You .
One Direction Update
1/28/15 11:50 PM EST
Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing well! Unfortunately, there is literally nothing for me to update on today. I don't think any of the boys were seen. And if they were they weren't doing anything exciting. There's tons of drama in the 5SOS fandom but none here!

No rumors or links! 

Your mind is an old book,
Ripping at the seams,
Missing pages,
But priceless.
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