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holdin' you close, chasin' that moon.

Harro the name's Samiha. 13. Currently Single </3 but I'll live. I live in Hanoi, Vietnam (:  Love to read and write Music <3 is mine forever. Hunger Games <3 Peeta baby <3  and of course Harry Potter Ron Weasley <3. My Tumblarrr is samiharitaross, follow you know you want too ;).So yeah underneath you can figure out more about me. But comment and read my quotes sees you rater :) alligator. 

figurin' out what love really means.
  Express myself through music, don't know what I would do without it. My friends and family mean the world to me.// I hate when people talk about you behind your back, also hate drama. I love the Baltimore Ravens and Michael Phelps. I Swim like there's end and I play basketball. Favorite Stroke is freestyle. So yea talk to me, follow me! You get the idea. 

Quotes by 007

You see there's this guy. 
& Everything about him makes my heart flutter, I can't help it. He was someone who I would run to for everything. Someone I could to talk to when no one else was there. Someone who just got me for who I am. +& now everyday we see each other pretending like nothing happend, like we don't know each other, and every day something inside me dies a little more. The truth is I'm not over him; and I have no clue when I will ever be. Yeah it was better when he would make fun of me, but now it's silence nothing. & that's what hurts the most. The feeling like you've lost something, something you fought your hardest to keep. Everyone sits around saying they understand how I feel.
But do they really? 

I still have every little sweet thing you said to me. 


more than anyone would ever
- - - »  understand.

Maybe, there is hope. 
- - - - - - - - - - - 


     Reminds me of him. Hell even food reminds me of  him, music sure as hell reminds me of him. Anything I do reminds me of him. So I appreciate you trying to help me get over him. 
But honestly it's not going to work , until I'm actually ready and maybe it's tomorrow or a month or year from now. Before I am able to do things that remind me of him, listen to the song " that was ours" agian but right now that's not possible and yelling at me and swearing and saying I"m so close isn't going to help anything because honestly . I"m not ready to let go. Not yet.
I have hope in things I know will never work out. 
But that's just who I am. 




Honestlno, I'm not okay.

But I pretend to be, 
 but then when people ask me my "happiness" thing breaks down and I feel crappy agian.


I honestly 
 Don't know what to do now
that your gone. 


So you might not care, 
what I have to say but; 
Today i found out 
that my housekeeper
has cancer, you might think 
wow, why would you care? 
but honestly she's known 
me, my whole life. 
She's like my grandmother
infact, she's better then 
my biological grandmother. 
I'm so scared. 
I don't want her to die. 
I need her </3 
and I don't know what to do.