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HEYO<3 I'm Erin.  <3 

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i have a perfect life. i have a great, loving family. my parents are together and in love. me and my brothers and sisters fight but love eachother two seconds later.  i go out with my friends every weekend and have fun.  but sometimes i feel like this life is not for me.  sometimes i wonder why it is taking me so long to kill myself.  then i think that if i killed myself it would just be selfish and people would judge me... more than they judge me now. i just don't know. 
MOM: well honey if he doesn't have a condom screw him


When Parents Text | Small Keypad, Old Hands

MOM: Honey, have you seen the main bathroom?
ME: Yes, you really think that's an appropriate place for my COLLEGE DEGREE?!


When Parents Text | Small Keypad, Old Hands

T        h      a     n    k             Y     o      u     !   
thank you for your endless, sleepless night when I didn't want to sleep.
thank you teaching me to walk and praising me when I did. 
thank you getting me the toy after my endless tantrums.
thank you for pretending that you understood what i said.
thank you for holding my  hand as you sent me off to school. 
thank you for helping me with my homework. 
thank you for letting me tell you anything.
thank you for playing hide and seek with me. 
thank you for letting me be a little girl. 
thank you for dealing with my new attitude. 
thank you for going to all my recitals and sporting events.
thank you for driving me to my friends house.
thank you for letting me go out by myself.
thank you for teaching me everything I need to know.

T         h   a       n      k             y     o  u              f        o      r             l       o     v       i       n    g              m      e    !
I love you, Mom and Dad. 

So here’s to all those summer nights

when my feet hit the sand

and the waves break my fall

and all my friends around me out number the stars


when there are two many witty people
doing witty things


at graduation i'll cry

not because i'll miss the people

but because i made it through alive
If people from my school saw my witty quotes

i would be so dead.  


I am my own best friend. 

someone    who    reaches    for      your    hand    and     touches    your    hea r t.