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Justin Bieber Fact #733
In 2006, Justin and Pattie went to a
Gay Pride Parade in Toronto.

Justin Bieber Fact #716
Justin recently dyed his hair to a dark shade
of brown for a movie that he's going to star in.

Justin Bieber Fact #717
About 30,000 people unfollowed
Justin on twitter after he dyed his hair.

Justin Bieber Fact #718
Justin was listed as Twitter's Top 10 Trends of 2011.

Justin Bieber Fact #719
Justin performed and helped raise
500,000 dollars for the Children's Wish Foundation.

Justin Bieber Fact #721
Justin and Miley are going to be hosting
the 9th season of Punk'd on March 19th.

Justin Bieber Fact #720
Justin was one of 3 celebs that
were listed as "Most Charitable Celebrities."

Today I saw a homeless man
holding a sign that said "why live in a $100k home when I can live under a 3 million dollar bridge?"

Justin Bieber Fact #698
Justin thinks the worst thing a girl can
do in a relationship is cheat/lie.