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Yo the name be Dayna, friends call mee Day. I live in Melrose Mass, kiss my ass(= I blow out the candles 14 on august 29th. 

I take requests so leave em if u gut any

Quotes by 0hSHITitsDAYNAx69

Whats the difference between me and your xbox?
i wont be played 
Don't get mad,
et even.
Sometimes when God closes a door,
Satin comes and opens a window.
ennie meanie minie moe
who is the biggest ho?
"your girlfriend"

look at that word
Its got STD written
in it  and in the
middle is U
she sits there staring at them,
staring blankly at the look he
gives her. Watching him hold
her hand. Seeing him kiss her
lips. Say says quietly to herself

I remember when it was me</3

foreveisnt as long as it used to be.
&+ I still cry over him every night
never forget what happened to us