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thats my name, i love following people, if you follow I will be sure to follow you back! I have trust issues, I cry alot, and I get bullied alot. If you ever need to talk comment below, I don't bite. c:

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 I miss birthday parties in class with cupcakes and a spelling test with the extra credit word being ''happiness.'' I miss being able to run  around playing freeze tag all day without getting tired then putting my head on my pillow at night and knocking right out with no worries or cares. I miss eating however much I wanted without a thought, and curling up on the couch with a good book, and not getting up till I was done. I miss running home to watch power rangers and the fresh prince waking up on Saturday morning for cartoons. I miss not being stressed when everything was pure and simple. But what I miss the most of all, was the time that seemed to never run out. 

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I miss you
 just listening to a song, and thinking ''I wish things were still good between us'' :(


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Get back to me when you learn the rest of the alphabet.


when your coming back inside
 and you smell like ''outside'' ew.

   You passed away on the day of March 12, you have been gone for three years, It doesn't even feel like three years. words can't explain how much I truly miss you. we used to hang out every single weekend and  everytime I hung out with you we made more and more memories, you were the best grandma that I could ever ask for. I miss going to breakfast, and sitting there laughing about everything me, or you said. or your nickname was dodo bird. Or I would be sleeping over at your house, and we would stay up till midnight and play a game called dice and i would always say, ''grandma, i'm going to beat you, i'm a champ.'' or having midnight snacks and sneaking out in the kitchen, or watching  that 70 show, or watching movies. I remember everytime we went out to go to the store or something you would aleast say Hi to one person, because everyone knew you or you were just being nice. you were a very caring person, and theres not a day i don't think about you. Because, i think about you every single day, you are the one that wakes me up in the morning. I cry all the time because i miss you! everytime I had a problem with bullying, or anything you were like my problem solver, and every since March 12 2009, I keep every single problem to myself, hoping you will help me, and that's what I always wish for. But, i'm so glad that you arn't suffering anymore, or in pain. I know God wanted you. God took you for a purpose. You always kept me happy, and kept a big fat smile on my face. Just writing this makes me so sad, but i know I have to be happy, because you want me to be happy! I know you are watching me in the sky, and that bright sunshine, that's you saying hi to me♥. I went to your grave the other day, and put flowers on your grave, and I just wanted to stop by and say ''Grandma, i miss you, and i love you so much.'' I will never ever forget you grandma, I'm always thinking about you, and I always will. I know you passed at a young age, but I know it was time for you to go. And the family calls it grandpa's now, but I still call it grandmas, and that will never change. EVERYTIME i go over there the first place I go is your room, and lay on your bed, and think about all the goodtimes we had together. YOU'RE AMAZING, YOU ARE CARING, AND YOU ARE A PIECE OF MY BEAUTIFUL HEART. you are the best woman, and you are the best grandma ever. no one will ever forget you, everyone misses youuu so much. See you up in heaven soon, Love you so much. ♥

The worst thing you can  ever do to a girl is, compare her to another girl.

 I'm always the one
 that's crying..

I love that moment 
  when you're in a long car ride or you're listening to music, or reading a book, and you completly zone out.
you forget your troubles, and everyone around you.
you're focused on that on thing, that one and only thing.
you're content and everything seems peaceful.