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thats my name, i love following people, if you follow I will be sure to follow you back! I have trust issues, I cry alot, and I get bullied alot. If you ever need to talk comment below, I don't bite. c:

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If you've ever been called


put this as your quote & whoever 's it



Sat inside when it’s sunny, locked outside when it’s rainy.



I miss you, and it seems like just yesterday you were 

here, with me everyday, putting me on the school bus

before kindergarten, I cannot explain how much I

miss you.

And don't worry, I still have my high honor roll status

just like  I promised you three years ago ♥

I love you grandma

Is there anyone who


My 4 year old sister might have cancer

Please pray for her 


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GUYS. okay.
please take a minute, i really wanna tell some people about this.
my friend harmony messaged me last night and told me all about this one direction thing! i mean. i knew who they were and all. but i'm not crazyyy obsessed. 

she told me that there was this album selling in New Jersey (3.5 hours away from my house) and if we were one of the first 1000 people, we would get a wristband to be able to go back and meet them saturday.
so i was like ha i'll ask my parents. the whole time i was thinking that it wasn't going to happen.

so i asked, and my dad said he would drive us.

i was really excited, i've never done anything like this before.
so my friend harmony came over. 
we left at 2.
got there around 515.
and camped out for about 5 hours in the pouring rain.
with crazy obnixious parents and 10 years olds behind us.
and we were in the 900s of the people they let in.

so super long story short, i'm meeting one direction saturday.

Friend: Hey, you're blocking the view!

Me: B*tch, I AM the view.

I'm scareto close my eyes in the shower,
 because when I open them I don't want a killer to be standing there.


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