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Wether You Think You [ C A N ]
Or You Think You [ C A N T ]
Your R.I.G.H.T...
BcuZ Your The O.N.L.Y one
Who Can Make You Decisions...

Dont take credit..thanx

If You Were Going To Die Soon,
And you only had One Phone call to make..to Tell someone how you REALLY feel..
...Who Would You Call...What Would You Say...
And Now the Better Question
...What Are You Waiting For?...

I know you are thinking of a special someone girls..just og ahead and do it! i did it and im madly in love with my NOW boyfriend of a month..so go ahead and take a chance!
Just dont take credit..thanx

Set your standerds High
You deserve the Best
Try for what you Want
And never settle for Less

Believe in Yourself
No matter what you Choose
Keep a winning Attitude
And you can never Loose

Take all thats you've Become
To be all that you can Be
Soar above the Clouds
And let your dreams set you Free

Dont take credit !! Please
You Dont Get To Choose How Your Going To Die
...Or When...
You Can Only Decide How Your Going To Live
...Right Now...

Point Your Lashed Down
And you can picture my Face
Im Smiling....

Open your mouth,Speak with your Heart,
And you can see my Soul
Im Waiting....

Place you arms around my Waist,
And you can embrace my uncertanity
Im Shaking....

Press your lips against Mine,
And try to catch me
Im Falling....

Dont take Credit!!!!!! thanx
~*~ Confused ~*~

My knees start to S H A K E
When your in sight,
My mind is filled with W O N D E R
My heart filled with fright

When will this feeling STOP?
When did it START?
How can i listen to my mind
Without Breaking my heart?

Im so ConFusEd
What should i Do?
I cant think of anything,
Except for [ Y O U ]

Should i just ignore you,
Or just give it time?
I cant think straight,
My heart controlls my [ M I N D ]
,;+...Simple Smiles (H)(I)(D)(E) A Thousand T.e.A.r.S...+;,
Bottled up inside
Are hte word i never said
The feelings that i hide,
the lines you never read.

You can see it in my eye,
Read it on my face:
Trapped inside are lies
Of the past i can't replace

With memories that linger-
Wont seem to go away
Why cant i be happier?
Todays a brand new day.

Yesterdays are over
Even thought the hurtings not
Nothing lasts forever
I must cherish what ive got

Dont take my love for granted
For soon it wii be gone
All you ever wanted
Of the love you thought you'd won

The hurt im feeling now
Wont disappear overnight,
But someway, somehow
Everything will be all right

No more wishing for the past
It wasnt meant to be
It didnt seem to last
So i have to set him free...
My Knees Start to (S h a k e)
When You're in (S i g h t)
My Mind is filled with (W o n d e r)
My Heart is filled with (F r i g h t)

When Will this feeling Stop?
When did it Start>
How can i listen to my mind,
Without breaking my Heart?

I'm so confused
What should i do?
I Can't stop thinking of Anything