Status: broken-hurt-just don't give a damn anymore
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heyy.... my name is andie.... from pennsylvania.. rather be in New Jersey... but we can all get what we want...
so im 16 years.... my birthday is may 25 nothing spectacular...
my friends: jenni,jazzie,andrew,marcos, angie, elliot, cody, genesis, felix  i love beeing around my them .dont judge me when you first see me. if you dont know me then you dont have the right to..
my twitter: @0xandie0x

Quotes by 0xandie0x

is it bad the today is my birthday and all i want to do is cry?
thunder storm while in school i have never been this afraid before.
i love how when i hugged my "friend" today she told me to kill myself...
you know your school is messed up when the nurses don't even wait to leave the room before they start talking about you
i may not be perfect and i may say something stupid or act crazy at times but that makes me a regular person not a bad influence
i just want to wake up tomorrow and realize this was all just a nightmare....
i want to believe that youre still alive but i know you arent

sorry i just needed to out this out there
its kind of funny how you said you would always be there for me but when i need you the most youre gone....
that moment when all you want to do is cry but you cant
that feeling when you're so lost in in your own world, you don't even know how to get out...
standing in a crowed room and feeling all alone .....
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