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- I'm Lynn
- I have a lot of nicknames mostly because I am ginger
- I speak French, English and sign language
- I love rock music but can listen to other music
- I am a goalie at hockey
- I play for school and hillhead
- I'm Scottish
- I like football (I won't tell u which team I support)

Quotes by 100wordsunsaid

Confession #6
Isometimes wonder if I'll ever be able to let people in.
I have a phobia of people staring at me
So guys who stare at me scare me even more
Please don't stare at me because I don't know how to react
So I will look anywhere else but at you....

What are you supposed to do?
confession #005

I tell other people I'm here for them, but when will someone be here for me?
Confession #004

I write poetry
Here's the poem that I'm scared to post, please be nice!
-Lynn x
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
And perhaps so are you

But the roses are wilted
The violets are dead
The sugar bowls empty
Your wrists are stained red

The sun isn't shining;
The sky isn't clear
There's no silver lining
Since you're no longer here

Rain keeps on pouring
Theres no end in sight
You're lying there frozen
So far from the light

Your beauty is unreal
Your smile, the sun
But times can't be turned
Not your actions undone

The words you wrote,
Only I read
"I love you so much;
Don't cry when I'm dead"

A bond that we formed
A love that ran deep
A pain that we shared
A friend I could keep

I wanted to hold you
To wipe tears from your eyes
Been there the moment
That you said goodbye

I want to forget...
But most times I don't

I want to let gp...
But i know that I don't

Tears on my face,
Memories in my head

The roses are wilted
the violets are dead

I don't know whether or not to post a poem that I wrote I'm afraid that I will be judged
or someone will say that I stole it from somewhere
I don't know why...
I'm just paranoid i guess...
but could you guys comment
and say whether you want to see it
it might help me build up the courage to post it


confession #003

I am usually quiet but I will speak up if I think something is wrong
confession #002

I'm working my way out of depression
we were once so close
then you chose to cut me out
do u know how much that hurt?
I know I may not see you again
but I still want to be your friend.
confession #001
Reading is my escape