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Hai guys, I haven't beeeln on witty in a long time but I'm back now. c; So I'mma tell you some things about me. I was born in Cuba & I've lived in and since I was 5. Now I live in Spain but my bestest friends are my Irish ones they are so amazing. I  enjoy those simple things in life & I love nature, sometimes I like to go out to a park or someplace quiet and take a walk & just think, about everything really. It's hard to find a quiet place in my house because my family are mad, just like me. I'm a really crazy girl, honestly my friends describe me as: mad, funny & pretty [[I don't believe the last part]]. I speak English, Spanish & Sarcasm fluently.x3 Also abit of Irish & Catalan/Valenciano. I'm in love with Justin Bieber, I've been a Belieber since 2009 & that aint changing anytime soon. I love him, he's my inspiration & idol. So yeah, leaving it here. If you read  all that then I love you, lol.  Leave a comment, I always reply. Follow, I follow back.x3


Quotes by 13elieve

& I wonder if he thinks about me, 
as much as I think about him.

Life's too short to be sittin' round miserable..
cause people gonn' talk wether you doin' bad or good, yeah

loved you once,
love you still,
always have,
always will.

You thinI'm mad?
Wait till you meet my best friends. ;)
Friendship is..
When your friends say nice things about you behind your back.
When they have your back no matter what.
When they forgive you, not because you deserve it but because they don't want to lose you.
When you have a good time around them.
When they don't backstab you.
When they don't make you do something you don't want to do.
When they know how strange you are but still decided to be seen with you in public.
When you do most things together.
When you laugh at something that isn't even funny.
When you crack up after 1 word