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.:*Name?*:. AshLey ~Nicks?~: Ash, Ashy,ashypoo,ashyloo,ashywashy. ~Age?~: 16 goin on 3 ((ahahaha)) ~~Stat?~~: Married/taken forever. ~*~Eyes?~*~: red Lmao..green. ~x~Hair?~x~: none ^_^ tis brown i think. ~::~So where u live?~::~: In a box behind taco bell. In OrEgOn. ~*~Whus your main squeeze~*~: my ONLY squeeze. Justin Marie Sampsell Lmao no his middle name aint marie :P **Other junk** Aka LAstest news: Justin pwns me!! and i pwn ju! so there. ::Im scOobys snack:: :) Lmao. ((Justin = Scooby)) I L0ve ju bayBeE.

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Steve 4 years ago
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Welcome! Let me know if you need help. I made this site.