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*After working out*

Me: wow! I feel great! I'm going to eat healthy now and  i'm going to look awesome this summer!
*Sees icecream*
Icecream: Come eat m-
Me: ok


Maybe this is what the Mayans predicted. Not an asteroid, or a solar flare, but the end of what we are. We no longer cherish life or other people, our earth, animals and resources put on it. War, genocide, abuse, senseless mass murder, animal cruelty, gluttony... greed... Look around you, the end of the world is already here.

And who else thinks icarly should have ended with drake and josh yelling "Megan! Megan wake up!"

And it was all just a dream.

The awkward moment when Justin Bieber has more followers than Barack Obama on twitter.

The little hope in humanity that I once had,
just went out the window.
Tonight at my field hockey game, the sweetest thing happened.
lets call the girl Emily turner & the boy Dan white* (not real names)
*Keep in mind this was a big game so it was on the football field and a bunch of people were there*

Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman before we start the game, Dan White has an important announcement.
Dan: Hello everyone. Before the game starts, I have a very important question to ask.
Emily White, Will you go to prom with me?

They've been bestfriends for the longest time and he asked her to prom. <3

*Conversation between me and this boy talking about this girl* 
He is very stupid,crazy, obnxious, annoying and i guess funny. He's a jock and can get any girl if he tried.. so this came off as a shock.

Me: She's so perfect. It annoys me.
Him: How..?
Me: Every guy is obsessed with her, she's smart, amazing at sports, gorgeous.
Him: To be honest, I don't think she's amazingly hot. I would date plenty of girls over her.
Me: Why?
Him: i dont know.. But she also wears A LOT of makeup.
Me: What's wrong with that?
Him: I just think it's stupid to wear makeup to school in general. When someones wears that much makeup i feel like they are trying to hide something.Almost like hiding their face.  Like if they come to school with no makeup, everyone is going to think they are ugly.
Me: Yeah well some girls self este-
Him: Some girls self esteem aren't high enough. That's the problem.

true story..
Today in my english class the pledge of allegiance interupted my teacher. As we all stood to pledge she told us to sit down because she wasn't done speaking. I was mad until i thought that she would have us pledge after she was done speaking.
So when the class was over i pledged silently by myself.
You can't take 20 seconds out to pledge to the soldiers
who are risking their lives fighting for our country?
Well here's a warm fuzzy F.UCK YOU
One thing I don't understand is society. We all complain about it. You can't even deny that you haven't seen at least one quote complaining about society and if you haven't, i apologize.
But instead of complaining why aren't we doing anything about it.
A way to start: on tumblr why are we only reblogging pictures of skinny girls with perfect bodies and long hair? What happened to the larger girls? Do they not exisit anymore? Why aren't we reblogging pictures of them? They are just as beautiful as anyone else.
It would become "trendy" if everyone started to do that. Maybe then people would see
No matter what color you skin is, how long your hair is, or what type of body you have.
Painful Past.

School was okay. The teachers went on a homework rampage but that was expected.
I got home and darted to my room and locked the door. I have a tendency to do that. I was scrolling through tumblr when I heard screaming. Typical.
"i'm sorry." my mother cried out in between cries. I felt bad for my mom i truly did. She didn't deserve all the verbal abuse she got. She cooked, cleaned, and cared for me andmy father , but when she messes up on one little thing, it was not pretty.
I decided to go comfort her. I held her closely as she cried to me. Usually this would be the other way around, but not here. For some reason i didn't mind at all. I loved being independent and caring after myself. After she calmed down I made us some tea and we watched the voice. It was her favorite show. She slowly fell in to a calming sleep, so I decided to go back to my room to start my homwork.
I opened my geometry textbook. I didn't get one problem and I just cracked. I felt a wave of anger sweep over me. You know that feeling when your upset over one thing and then something little frustrates you even more and you just lose it? I do.
I hads to get out. I couldn;t just sit here. I couldn't. I wanted to leave and I knew exactly where. The cove.
Mom was still sleeping and dad was still out. Perfect. I dashed out of the house as fast as i could and ran to our little hideout. Our as in me and Travis. We found it on a hike one day. It's so beautiful. It's surrounded by a bunch of trees and it has a little lake. As you can tell, it's not really an actual cove, but we call it that. Out of the two of us, I'm usually the one who goes there the most.
I sat down against a log and started twirling an old crunchy leaf in my hand. I started to go in to deep thought. Why was I shuting everyone out? I found myself ignoring Autumn and Nicole more and more. They know i'm mad and only want to help me.. but  i want to be independent.Right. Idependent. 
My phone started to ring. I got several missed calls from Travis. He kept calling so I ended up turning my phone off.
The tears started right after that. It was like mini waterfalls falling from my eyes. I couldn't control myself. I heard slow footsteps coming toward me.
"Kristen..?" Great. I started to get up. 
"Travis..i'm sorry i just came here to thin-" and i bumped right in to him in my attempt of trying to run away. I stood right in front of him trying to wipe away tears as more fell from my blue orbs. My vision became blurry.
He just hugged me. His strong arms embraced me and I cried in to his chest. 
"Shhh. Kris it's gonna be okay. I'm here , everything is going to be okay."
I wish that was the truth.

Authors note: Hey everyone!:) Sorry i haven;t posted in a while now that school has started things have been busy;p But yeah i sorta just got right into this! haha:) poor kristen :(
Well how do you guys like this? Give me feedback:D
Thank you soooo much for reading lovies you guys are awesome! xxx:)
I really do not understand the point of life. Now before I start this, no, i am not suicidal, or depressed or anything of that nature. What im trying to say is that I just don't understand. As kids and teenagers we wake up, go to school and learn. To do what..? To get a job and eventually have a family. But why? For happiness i guess. Whats going to happen after that though?You have a family, a nice house, a job. Great. But what's the point. Even when your rich and famous I just don't get it. We are all working to get money. For the most part we are only using that money for bills. And in the teenager/ kid stage of our lives you basically have to be perfect to achieve your dreams. If you want to be a model?You have to have a stick thin body and a pretty face. Thats all they want. Singer perhaps? Perfect. Absolute perfect voice with no flaws and its seems you have to have a pretty face then too. Dancer? Amazing footwork and you have to be in shape as well. Also the same for sports, if you want to be a professional sports player when you grow up. All of our lives we are being built up for failure almost. We have all of this confidence and once we get to where we want to be, they point out everything that is bad and break us down again. Its been messing with my head for the past few days. All of this. And its just been confusing me so much. I over think things a lot im sorry.
I just had to let this out.