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Hey my name is Marina! I am really into writting and swimming. I have really good friends and I just couldn't imagine my life any better right now :)

Quotes by 16msavercool

So today at school I went into the bathroom and in that stall in BIG letters on the wall was written WWW.WITTYPROFILES.COM then a small arrow that said you're beautiful next to it...I added a heart with my purple pen :)
Please Watch
I acted like I liked you.
You saw right through my mask.
You started talking about my family bad.
I told you to shut it.
You just kept going.
Made me feel bad.
You just won't stop.
You started making fun of me.
I acted all confident.
You called me stupid.
I blew it off as a joke.
I drew a thicker mask.
You couldn't see though my mask anymore.
You broke me.
I know I'm not stupid, but you made me believe I am.
You even took my friends.
None of them think what you're doing is right.
But you still target me.
None of them speak up to help me.
Because you still attack me.
You scare them all.
You make me wanna run.
Just run far far away.
Never come back.
I'm just wanna run.
The problum is.
My feet are glued to the ground.
The ground of fear.
If I run you will follow.
You won't win in the end.
I will stand.
I just need some help.
Because I won't let you win.
Hey you guys. I wanna know I'm not alone here. Please like if you're getting bullied too.
Girls are like
apples on a tr
ee. The
ones are at the top
of the tree. B
oys don't want
to r
each for the good apples
because the
y are afraid of falling
d getting hurt. Insted they get
the rotte
n apples from the ground
that aren't as go
od, but easy.So the
les at the top thing something
is wrong
with them, when in fact
they are ammazing.
They just have
wait for the right boy, the one
who will ri
sk everything
who's brave
to climb
all the way
uppp to the
top of the tree
Honestly...I could careless about the superbowl. I'm just here for the food.
That sad moment when your crush doesn't have a facebook.
So my swimming sweats i ordered are a bit big. When I first put them on i though "Holy flipping monkeys! We could fit me and some super hot dude in here!"
So I had a dream I was looking at quotes on Witty. Then I woke up and I got on and lookeed at quotes. Its like a dream come true :)
I just remembered I forgot to tell my boyfriend we're dating.
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