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Hey my name is Marina! I am really into writting and swimming. I have really good friends and I just couldn't imagine my life any better right now :)

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So I like this dude and he has shown some signs of likeing me. I don't wanna date him yet, like i wanna get to know him first. I just don't know what to do next. Please Help!
That moment when you won't tell anyone who you like because you aren't sure you like them.
Me and the "Queen of gossip" were talking during swim team practice
Her: Please tell me who you like
Me: No
Her: Well you said there was an "a" in the name and they are a grade above us and on the team
Me: Fine guess
Her: Ryan
Me: No
Her: James
Me: No
Her: Nate
Me: *Oh flipping monkeys game over* No
Her: It is I can tell
Me: No I lied about all that
Her: Wow you lied to me
I use to be on America's Next Top Model. I got kicked off because I was to smexy. I was totally gonna win though.
Me and my friend were talking and this is pretty much how it went:
Me: Oh that's it I am like so mad at you
Her: What why
Me: You have a boyfriend
Her: No I dont
Me: Yea well I'm mad at my boyfriend too
Me: Yea but I am so mad at him...because he doesn't exsist
Her: *Dies of laughter*
So my mom was on the phone and me and my best friend/sister were having a burping contest (btw I won) and it was quiet for a second. Then, I started saying "Don't ya wish your girl friend was hot like me" then she was like "Don't ya wish your girlfriend was a freak like me" then at the same time we said "Don't ya" XD
So this girl at my school is mad at this other girl because she has a boyfriend. This girl wants to date the other girl. The other girls boyfriend is one of her friends brother. The friend is mad mad at the girl for dating her friends brother because she wants to date the boyfriends girl. The friend is about as straight as a circle, but the other girl is as straight as can be. Now I don't have anything wrong with people who aren't straight, but is it just me..or has the stupid teenage drama getting a little over board and confusing.
So Lately I have felt like I don't fit in with my "group" of friends. They like my little pony, but I hate it.
They love Vampires, but I prefer zombies.
They like the book Night of House (or something like that), but I prefer Alice in Zombieland.
My ex-bff dated my ex-boyfriend.
They are all smart, but my grades are slipping.
They are all "normal", but I am the weird, random, not normal one.
They all do track or field, I do swimming.
They all do chorus, but I couldn't sing to save my life.
I feel like they are replaceing me with this other girl.
Also lately they have just been annoying or mean.
My parents say ditch them.
I don't know what to do.
I feel like I should leave and make new friends, but I can't.
I don't make friends easily.
Then again if I stay, they could push me to the edge or they would say good-bye loser.
I need help. Please.

Sure its in the newest catagory,but it's still on the first page :)
I Like To Write.
I put Myself in My Passages.
The Only Part I Dont Like is...
I don't like other people reading my Passages.
I am Scared they Wont Like It.
I am Scared they Will Judge Me.
I am Scared of their Thoughts.
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