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im in year 9
im a obviously a girl 
from london
love music
im totally and utterly random
im single ( interested in boys )
i love swimming
and i love witty

need any help you always know where to find me

Quotes by 1998laurenxxx

single and looking

anyone want to be found.

did u know?

It takes your brain approximately 90 seconds to decide whether or not you like someone.


hey i just met u and this is crazy 




my parents should be proud of me
im addicted to

"what does not kill you makes you stonger 
so if i cut off my arms and legs im atomatically get stronger
WOW thats well cool!"

                                     -what a stupid girl in my school said LOL
every one is born

everyone dies

its the bit in the middle u need to make your own
You know when you’re in love, when you look into his eyes and see more than a reflection of yourself but instead a reflection of each other
you breath oxygen 
we have so much in common
lets date xxx