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Hi I'm Laila! Age and last name will remain confidential. I've been going through some hard times. I have a twitter so if you wanna know my username just ask! :) My Instagram is little_things69 ... follow for a follow...One of my friends did this WHOLE ENTIRE profile. I love Cher Lloyd, Demi Lovato, etc. I'm a total directioner if you haven't noticed. Also if you haven't noticed I'm Mrs. Malik, Horan, Tomlinson, Payne, and Styles. So all  you other ladies out there BACK OFF! I'll follow for a foolow!I I LOVE The Hunger Games! I also like Cody Simpson. I used to love him before my husband came around. We got a divorce. Lol. So, I love making new friends. Check out some of my quotes and more of my friends
UgottaLuvMe     (Jenn who did my profile)

-Laila Our baby:)...
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Quotes by 1DLOVE11

I haven't eaten in 20 hours.

we made a promise . when the next school year starts we would be as close as we are now. No matter if we made new friends we would still be as close as we always have been. I guess summer promises don't mean anything
anymore ...

Just because we dont talk doesnt mean i dont miss you . im just trying to distance myself because i know i cant have you .
Isn't it sad that the same person that makes you happy is the same person that makes you depressed and lonely  ....
the fact that i haven't cried this way in months is sad.

whats even sadder is that its over a guy.

but you know whats even sadder than that?

i thought she was my best friend .
someone found out . told the counselor. she called my mom. she came to the school . ripped all my bracelets off my wrist. took one look . the tears fell .
stars can't shine without darkness♥
I told you my birthday months ago

[and you remembered. Do you know how much that means to me?]
>>>>  I shouldn't be suprised. You have remembered everything I told you about myself. Even if it was the smallest, most stupidest thing....<<<<

make him smile
with your clothes on, make up off, and your personality real.♥