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"Live life, Laugh often, Love forever"
Emily is my name. I am 17 years old and blow my candles out on the 21st of April. I live in the beautiful and colorful state of Colorado! I love my family, music, sports, and my friends! I owe my friends my life!My best friend is Rainey, follow her..(Rain)!! I try to see the best in everyone,no matter who they are or what they have done! I'm unfortunately too often a push-over, and I hate how people always leave. I am beyond crazy for my wonderful boyfriend Jake!! I spend all my free time on witty and I love you guys and all your quotes! If you follow me I will follow you back:) XOXOXO

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Me and my bestie<3
My other HALF:)
 Me and my lil' bro goffin' around<3