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[.livin my life to the fullest.]
& all the quotes are some of my own thoughtz
all original <3 =]

enjoy every moment
life it too short not to =p ~

it's been a crazy.interesting.lovely.surprising.hurtful.exciting life so far. . & its all been worth every minute. ive learned a lot. and sometimes have made the same mistakes twice. but its ok. thats what life is about.if the roads didnt get rough sometimes you would learn to appreciate the things u have and the ppl in it. <3

witty. lets me share my thoughts with other ppl =]  love it

Quotes by 1life2live08

Quiet girLs - have a secret mystery about them*
Silly Girls [ Can jus laugh at the lil thingS ]
Bad Girls :: KNow how to Play the Game Right ::
Good GirlS (( are precious & hard to find )) 
Smart GIrls - Always do what's best
Brave Girls [ don't give up without a fight ]
Amazing Girl
((...a mixture of them all...))

MInez <3
& i won't let you go ©

me <3
it shOuld be a CriMe ; ;
just how much i think about your smile
when im lying in his arms
how when i try to hate you
my heart won't let me
how no matter how much
i try to deny it
it gets a lil harder everyday
no having you around
& im always trying
to keep that smile on my face
so no one will know how much pain i am in
so when you see me around school
you won't be able to tell
that i still love you.
i just cant help but love you
And all my friends tell me how you are a jerk
& stupid for letting me go
but i always sigh silently and say to myself
i love the hell of that stupid jerk
& i wish i could have him

mine </3
I should Carry around
.my own bottle of super glue.
For as many times my heart keeps getting b r o k e n
& im left gluing together the pieces
...over & over...

mine <3
see, i c0uld put together ;;
a couple of .words.
& make up a dozen quOtes
abOut how yOu have changed my life
and made me feel like nObody else could
& abOut hOw much i'll never love anybody 
[ - like i Love you - ]
but it the end...it just wouldn't be enough
tO give yOu the credit yOu

mine =D
this is my
Anti - drug


mine =]
stay above the influence
 So tell me boy...will yOU be mine?? <3
♦    ((    _Pretty PleaSe_  ?? ))    ♦
with whip cream, sprinkles, M&Ms AND sugar on top?

mine =D
 & Will You Hurry Up ; ; 
and pass mE the Camera
[[ so. i  cAn. capture. his. smile. ] ]
 & lOOk at it

me =D
& boi jus give me a chance ; ; 
i'll hold us together when we're falling apart. ill hold you tight 
when you feel alone. Id kiss your lips jus to remind you im here.
ill tell u every day how much i LOVE you. i'll sing you songs and 
write you poetry...jus because. We'll have jokes that only we will 
understand. Together babi we would risk it all. Cause where ever u are 
                          is where my heart will - stay - 

me =]

&   when you looked in my eyes
all the background noise quieted down
everything around me seemed to fade
and it was jus you. and me.
jus u and me babe.