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About Me; 
Hey,  I'm Michaela :)
I'm 13 years youngggg! 
I blow out the candles on January  15th :D
Music is literally my life!! No joke. I love Screamo, Hip-hop, Rap, Dubstep and Techno<3
I'm not your adverage teenage girl... i love being different from everyone else and following my own dreams, i am always myself around everyone. I dont act fake or pretend to be anyone else. I'm a very nice and chill person, if you on my good side.. but i can turn into and instant bitch if you mess with me, my friends or family.  I dont care what anyone thinks of me.. haters can keep hatin' cause i dont give a fuck what they think :) 
If you wanna get to know me better, or just chat i  have my facebook link below :)
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