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Quotes by 25nessacate

As a single tear runs down her face,
she thinks of everything, but mostly she thinks of


Why has dating and loving your girl,
turned into
hooking up and acting like nothing happened?




The guy with the number 69

most feel like a boss

wearing that uniform(:


tonight my friend and i were hanging out and we were in my basement just chillen; doing what we always do and then I kissed my best guy friend. it was my first kiss too. after it we didn't really talk and it felt very awkward. idk if its going to be like that from now on or will it remain the same?!

i need advice/help/tips if you were ever in this situation or have good advice. please help me i need it


ask for advice, ask questions, comment, random, idk what else? thankss(:<3


john- (sean next to john), sean over here has two moms. hes only seen a girl and a girl kiss but never a girl and boy kiss; im thinking we show him;)

haha true story so funnyyyy


Lets face it-
we all make quotes about this one boy that we like to call,

As i write 'him' we all think of the past; we never look to the

For all the girls who had their hearts broken or their dreams not come true with 'him', DO NOT WORRY.
someone better will come.

If you havent had your first kiss- don't be asshamed.
it's not a race. its love.

idk if this is good, just thought of it.




When i wear v neck shirts, I put sparkles on. I tell people it's because i want to be sparkly.

wanna know the real reason?
I do it so I know who's talking to my face;
or to my chest.