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25nessacate's Favorite Quotes

Having a bad day?
Just feel like giving up?
Think you're not pretty?
Think you're not good enough?
Think you're not going to make it?

Look at your profile comments
after favoriting this.
I hope I make your day girls.(:


What I Love About Witty,  
Is that you see a person’s quote

Before you see their face,
So you judge them based on their heart,
Not their looks.


Don't you understand?
you mean more to me than anything in this entire world.
- peter pan 


my friends;

friend;; *eating doritos* stupid dorito!

me;; are you talkin to your doritos?

friend;; yeah i name them before i eat them

me;; wow...this is why i love you.

*few minutes of silence*

friend;; *whispers* goodbye bill.


Wanna Hear A Clean Joke?
John Took A Bath With Bubbles.

Wanna Hear A Dirty Joke?
Bubbles Was His Next Door Neighbor.

Not Mine. Just thought it was funny(:

You= Awesome Me=Awesome
You+Me= Pretty Freakin Awesome


I want you to come in my bed

Under my blankets,
with the lights off.

So I can show you my glow
in the dark watch!

not my format

My period is late
and I'm still a virgin...
I must be carrying the new baby Jesus

This quote does not exist.
getting shampoo in your eye &
wiping it with your soapy hand