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Names --> Nicolette (: But People Call Me Nicolle Or Colley . I Love My Twin Sister Manderxz ( Dreambabe24 ) . We Have Been Through Everything Together . She Is My Life <3 And I Absolutly Love Her :*
Status --> Lookingg For A Wittyy Boyfriendd
Im 15 [( Sophmoree All The Way )] And Living Everyday Like
Its My Last .
My Friends Mean The World To Meh . And That Guy . . .
Takes My Breath Away <3
Im A HUGE Austin Mahone Fan :D And I Live In New York
For Now . Loving It <3

2xoxoNicolexoxo2's Favorite Quotes

You're beautiful.
Don't let anyone make you think otherwise. <3

When A Girl Thinks Of Her

Future With Her Boyfriend ;; 

Its Normal

When A Guy Thinks About His Future With His Girlfriend ;;
 He Is Serious  .

I  Love  It  When  You
  Smile Before ,, During ,, &'nd After We Kiss 

 Drake: Are you calling me a liar?

Josh: I ain't calling you a truther!   


Fave if you miss Drake & Josh!

I wanted to send you something sexy 
but the mailman told me to get out of the mailbox.

Me on my period.

Sucks to be a girl, doesn't it.
Oh my God. I wish there was chocolate.
Ugh. I need to change my pad.
Well, there goes my cute panties.
Shut up, you're bothering me more than usual.
Well. I guess I won't be wearing white shorts today.
Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate.
*Pulls legs over my head.*
Ugh. These shorts fit me last week..
Thank God I'm not pregnant.


"What do your parents always tell you
Before you leave for tour?"
Liam: My daddy tells me to
Eat my vegetables."

I want a relationship where,

we talk like bestfriends, play like kids, argue like husband and wife, & protect eachother like siblings.



I'm not fighting anymore.

Its obvious that I'm not as important to you as I used to be.

Love Is Like A Broken Mirror
 Because its better to just move on then to pick    Up The Pieces.♥