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Quotes by 33_LuvU2_33

&& am i the only one
that makes sure my teeth are brushed before i go into the dentist's office??

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Scars are like sharpies
/// Permanent
( _ . · ´ ¯ ` · × » ( _ . · ´ ¯ ` · × » ( _ . · ´ ¯ ` · × » ( _ . · ´ ¯ · × »

-Fear of phobias

~And what idiot came up with this?

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**And don't you hate it**
   \\\When you tell Dora///
  "I didnt have a favorite part"
\\\and she goes///
"That was mine too!"
no jocking
I was sitting in Starbucks with my
head phones on.
I noticed the two ladies sitting next to me
were having an intense conversation.
as I got up to leave,
I took out one of my head phones
and caught the last part of their conversation
which was "we'll discuss the screaming carrots later, its not safe here."
I am still confused.

** i dont care if **

 **you hate me,**
** its called **

forgive & forget 
am i the only one that wishes, that when you lose your ipod, you could just call it?
no jocking
thx :)
if your on witty right NOW favorite this quote
please favorite this
quote i wanna see
how many i can
get for this :)
thx :)
I went into a store
with my little sister.
I left her alone for a second, and then I heard
a crash. I turned around
to see a mannequin
on the ground and
my sister standing over it.
I asked her
what happened?
she said,
"She pushed me first!"
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