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turns out freedom aint nothing but missing you;
wishing i'd realized what i had when you were mine.


taylor swift i love you<3

i miss you. i miss the way you laugh. the way
you walk. the way your hand felt when it was
linked with mine. the way you made me feel
when i woke up to a cute text. the way you got
me smiling when i was in the worst of moods.
the way you laughed at all my jokes, even when
they weren't funny. the way i could actually act
like myself when i was with you. the times we
shared every weekend. the stupid things we
did together. the way you would hold me tight
and never let go. all the stupid inside jokes we
once had. the way you kissed me. the way we
could talk about absolutely anything and never
get bored. the way you told me you loved me, no
matter what happened between us. i miss you.


i thoroughly enjoy your appearance ;D


dedicated to someone special.^

& for the first time in long time;
i think i can say i'm over you.

nobody has ever

made me feel the way you do. ♥

And to think that i;
             threw it all away. ♥
When I'm living my dreams;
you'll be eating your words.♥