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So, I'm Emily.
I'm 15; sophomoreeee.
I'm really not all that interesting.
I get sad, depressed, I bitch, I scream, I hurt people I really care about, I'm not perfect,
but, I'm always me.

I love music.
I don't know how anyone could live without it. I know for a fact that I couldn't. For awhile, I felt as if I could hardly even live with it.

I have alotof insecurities, but in the past few months, I have gotten so much stronger than I had ever imagined myself being,  & I'm really, really proud of myself.
Even if I'm the only one.

I really like writing.
But, as you can tell I kind of suck at it.
Oh well, I really love trying to write songs and poems and shit.
Some of them are okay, actually. (:

I looooove singing and rapping.

I often get told to stfu.
Buuuut, I don't.
Ever. :P

Eminem is my husband.


Alright, bye. :))

TruthBeginsInLies is my bestest best friend in the whole entire world, and yes, she is the one writing this at this very minute!

I love you Em! (:

Quotes by 4evaurgirl

click the heart
if you though that said not "DICK", not "CLICK",
&+ you know you did ..
not my format.


are NOT made to be given out as 
g i f t s ;
He a r t sA r  eToBeEa  r  n  e  d  .   not mine.

•ican't Change »who iAM.
i just try to get BETTER.


•if two "past lovers" can Remain [friends), it's either because they're STILL ;
in Lovee, OR they just never were.

ain't mine !
•haters don't really HATE you; »you're just a  ''''Reflection of what they WISH to be.
{not mine. }


d  o  n  '  t   y  o  u   h  a  t  e   w  h  e  n
y o u r  e y e s  h u r t , 
a f t e r  c r y i n g  t o o  h a r d .