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In everything you do, always be yourself. <3

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Quotes by 4everfriends

"I'm sorry that I love you."~Eun Gyu
"In the future, dont fall in love."~Jung Won

"Do re mi fa so la ti do"=best movie ever

Today, go up to someone who looks like they need a hug because they probably do. Hugs are a way of saying that you care and that person is loved.

Give someone a hug for me :) please

PS-you don't have to but you never know what could happen from one hug.

worst feeling in the world:

Just when you feel like you're something special to a guy...and then finding out that he likes your best friend/sister. your stomach drops...u feel like screaming and crying and curling up and just letting everything that u've lived for out! everything bottled up inside...screaming at them how you've liked them and how could they do this....

but you don't do it. instead, you shut your mouth and say "oh, ok," turn around, and tell your sister. you get home, lie in bed, and tears just start pouring out down your cheeks silently. </3
For the ONE time when...

...you're at a football game w/ ur friends; ur BFFs take one look at you and ur guy friend and say that u two wuld look good together and shuld go out. for that time, wen ur in denial cuz u still like someone else a lot more but that awkward moment wen u dive in. for the one time wen ur absolute BFF you've known forever txts u "ur in luv w/ _____; u r flirting like crazy." and u still dont get it.

....yea...that one time....it's awkward i kno cuz i just went thru it.

Time can heal wounds in your heart, even when the person who caused it doesn't know. They'll be out of your life until you forget about them and time makes sure you're completely and utterly over them; then time decides to bring them back in your life, your test of your feelings. If you don't care, then time's job is done...if you freak out, time has some work to do.

Time can heal all wounds. Let it help you. Don't let the person who hurt you lead you back to the beginning where everything fell....trust me.


was lzy

Hey, y'all!

total vent i am freakin sick and tired of the freakin stereotypes in general...mostly the chinese ones. wth w/ that? really? are u guys really just gonna assume all of us, all more than i care to count of us, that we're all smart and perfect and over achievers? if u just said yes, get a life and think mayb!

stereotype 1:
we all play piano or violin.
Freakin wrong! sure a lot of us do but that doesnt mean all, gosh!

stereotype 2:
we're all freakin geniouses/insanely smart.

heck no! we might b smart...but that's not our fault; it's like azn culture, i'm sorry to say, that parents push their children harder in school. if ur parents push u hard, good...if not, sorry. we're not born with information in our brains already. on languages: if you're an abc or azn born in a different country than ur ethnicity, we'll usually know two languages: the first language of our parents and the one of the country where you live.

stereotype 3:
we cant speak english that well if we're immigrants
by we, i hope u mean any immigrant that hasnt studied english and/or doesnt use it that often. dang, we're not the only ones! gz.

i mean wth ppl!!!!!!! yea, i got attitude but u'r also talking about my backgroun/ethnicity...that's personal so y dont y'all think about it. long, yea but i needed to get this freakin across to some ppl, even to those i know..

In places no one would find
All your feelings so deep inside (deep inside)
It was then that I realized
That forever was in your eyes
The moment I saw you cry

~Cry (from A Walk to Remember) by Mandy Moore~

Dream until your dreams come true.
~my shirt that i got in HK~

listen to my heartbeat
it's beating for you
listen to my heartbeat
it's waiting for you

2PM-Heartbeat (from 1:59PM)

this is what i brought you, this you can keep
this is what i brought, you may forget me
i promise to depart, just promise one thing

kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep

this is what i brought you, this you can keep
this is what i brought, you may forget me
i promise you my heart, just promise to sing

kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep

this is what i thought, i thought you need me'
this is what i thought, so think me naïve
i promised you my heart, you promised to keep

kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep
kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep

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