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the heart wants what it wants.
you can't control it.

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&+ i see the stuff you send her and it kills me everytime.

[because that used to be me]

I guess i should've said



i mean for a guy who wants to be a writer

seem like there had n.e.v.e.r been any words written

but when someone tells you that they somehow ---> stopped missing you,

you're pretty much screwed no matter what you say.

but, there had to be something, right?

something that no one had ever said in the history of the world,

something that could c h a n g e this,

"I’m sorry,"

|| that wasn't it ||

-One Tree Hill "Lucas"

It seems when you want someone, they don’t want you.
And when someone wants you, you don’t want them.
And when you both want each other,
something has to come around and mess it up.

I like to pretend that everything's alright. Because when everybody else thinks you're fine, sometimes you forget for a while that you're not.
so what are you doing?
getting pregnant at that age?
why do you think people have babies at 20. 30?
because they dont know what it's like to be a kid anymore.
they've grown up.
but when that kid comes into their life..
they have an excuse to be a kid again and have no one judge you.
so why are you getting pregnant now?
you're supposed to be a kid now.
so please.
save yourself.
save the kid inside for when you cant remember what it's like;;
to just want to color outside the lines
to run around without a care
to laugh at nonsense
&+ find yourself again.

idk :/
I left because you never asked me to

*dont jock plz(:
[witty wont center it]
h e r e  -x-  i  -x-   a m
once again
im torn into pieces
can't deny, cant p r e t e n d.
just thought you were the one
broken up, deep inside
but you won't get to see the tears i cry.
b e h i n d -x- t h e s e -x-  h a z e l -x- e y e s

kelly clarkson♥
Thoughts ;;
[Please take a moment to read this]

Cherish every moment because it'll become a memory & you'll miss it.
You'll deff have great & terrible times but it's also great to look forward to.
act your age

growing up is a really scary experience but dont rush it.
please.please. remember bros over hoes. that rly should be a rule b/c nothing is more worse than losing a friend stupid boy.
do focus on school and try hard but please live a little because you dont want to regret not having a little fun.

read a book, even if it seems "uncool".
take a few days for yourself. just to think and be yourself without anyone making you feel like you have 2 be someone for them. but thats what you also have friends for.
don't walk in other people's footsteps. make your own.

sometimes you need a good cry to make everything better.
chances are..the guy you're with won't be your husband. but you can still dream ;)
and do exactly that. dream. even if its the most ridiculous thing. b/c then at least you have something to look forward to and give you hope.
I'm a junior. I'm not telling you to do these things or anything
. I just wanted to give you an idea of what i was thinking. srry if i wasted your time.
srry it isnt pretty or anything =/ just venting.

When the world is

telling you to runaway,

run to me.

thanks for the favs on my last quote
cause the whole world will know
when Taylor Swift sings about it

;) totally would happen
thanks for the favs on my other quotes