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❝until i feared i would lose it, i never loved to read. one does not love breathing.❞

❝babe, you're a disney princess, just going through the sad feature part of her film.❞{my bby, dee.}

∞❝and if you don't
like me, as i do you;
i understand.
because who would
really choose
a daisy, in a field
of roses?❞∞

⚓ an awkward and depressed teenage girl named mackenzie whom is obsessed with bands, books, youtubers, and pizza. and michael clifford. ⚓

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Quotes by piercethemichael*

it's so hard to
forget someone who
gave you so much
to remember.

maybe one day,
i'll be what you need.
but don't wait too long...
because the day you want me,
may be the day
i've given up.

blue was my favorite color.
when i woke i would see it in the sky,
in my walls,
during the summer i would see it in the ocean.
but now,
all i can see is your eyes.
and i wish blue wasn't my favorite color anymore.

my head hurts and whenever i blink;
images of you flash before my eyes.
and i'm afraid that when i sleep;
i will dream of us.
and when i wake;
tears will be in my eyes as i remember it's fake.

there's this boy i know.
we've been friends since we were younger.
his parents, are divorced though.
so he lives with his mom, a couple states away.
i only see him once every two years or so.
i saw him yesterday.
we talked for hours, and it was 1 am when my mom made me leave his house.
he's antisocial, like me. so it was hard for us to start talking.
but i've never had a bigger crush on anyone.
and my hands are shaking,
as i nervously stratch at my scars.
and i think i've found a reason to live another year.

5sos be like;
2014: she looks so perfect
2015: she's kinda hot
2016: she's okay, I guess
2017: she's joke, stop pretending we're friends, no one knows you
2018: i'm into guys
2019: muke af

im under so much stress right now.
im leaving tomorrow for camp, and ill be gone a week.
no internet for a week.
i wont be stable.
im having an anxiety attack from all the stress;
i only just started packing.
i have to wake up early tomorrow to finish.
my friend met johnnie guilbert today.
you dont know how bad i want to meet him.
he gets me. i get him. ugh im shaking bye.

we're all pretty bizarre, some of us are just better at hiding it; that's all

who needs human contact when you have the heat radiating from your laptop?