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I am Stefanie:) but you can call me Clouse. I prefer it. I have been through a lot so don't start assuming shit about me. Just remember... assume... You make an ass out of u and me! People always tell me I look like a 12 year old too... I hate it... I love unicorns AND zombies! <3 Muffins are the only way to go. Cupcakes can go die in a hole... muhahaha... Canada dontcha know?! I am against bullying completly. I think its stupid and pointless and just plain wrong. Be kind.  

Stefanie (Clouse) Elizabeth :)

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That one Couple that keeps you believing in


So sexy please text me;D
I'm ready for you;)

Tell your pants it's rude to point.


I know that when we are together we are like fire and gasoline... But it feels so right... When we aren't I feel like I'm missing a piece of myself. I can't ask for him to take me back. That would be wrong... I try so hard to forget him... I remind myself everyday that I broke up with him. At first it felt like the right thing to do... But now i feel like I only did it because things started to get a little tough. One of us always breaks down after a month of no contact with each other... I tried to erase him... But he always seems to come right back into my thoughts or I find pictures I haven't deleted yet. Or he texts me late at night saying it still hurts... I try to bury my feelings.... But when I saw his number on my phone after not talking to him for so long... All the feelings come bursting through the surface and I can't breath... I love him. And I'm just now realizing it. 
But it's  too late... </3

By erasing the evidence... Does the memory disapear?

By erasing the evidence... Does the memory disapear?

every day i look at my phone just to see if he texted me... and when i dont see his name my heart breaks a little every time...



don't ask if i'm okay... cause you already know what i will say...</3

Cinderlla didn't have to take her dress off to when  WIN
Prince Charming. <3

  i love when you eat something sour and you salivate like crazy and it's like "woah my mout h just came" lol