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Arianna. 13. An Angel Came To Earth On July 26,1998. M odel or Singer I love........
Music.Lil Wayne. Lady Gaga. Justin Bieber. Cheerleading. Shopping. Makeup. My Family. My Friends. Music. Nikki Menaj. Traveling. McDonalds Cheeseburgers and Fries. Chinese Food. Singing. Dancing. Jessie J. Him. Abercrombie. My Burberry Check Scarf. My Huge Purse Collection. Hollister. Fake Nails. Coloring. Swimming. Mac n' Cheese. Witty. Stardoll. Facebook. YouTube. Ditty Dirty Money. Never Shout Never. SpongeBob. Pretty Little Liars. Air Jordans. Nikes. Bracelets. Pink. Victoria's Secret. Greece. California. Disney. London. Paris. Chicago. Boston. New York. Finding Nemo. Cars. Paranormal Activity. Room Mate. Disaster Movie. All Scary Movie 1,2,3. Horror. Comedy. IPod. Cell Phone. Love. Hearts. Jewelry. Fun Socks. Sun. Beaches. Animals. My Dogs. Family Guy. South Park. Photography. Drawing. Tumbling. Trampolines. Movies. Sleepovers. Boys. My Straitener. Texting. Gossip. Magazines. Books. Pajamas. Laughing. Icecream. Candy. Butterfingers. Whatcaha McCall Its'. Food. Showers. Hot Tub. Guys With Nice Hair and Teeth With 6 Packs. That Really Hot Guy On The Abercrombie Bags. Parties
. Jersey Shore. High Heels.♥(:




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[] eyes.
[] smile
[] body
.........[] personality

[] forever
[] best friends
[] friends
[] my ex
[] don't really knowyou

[] be mine.
[] inbox me;D
[] put this as your status so i can like it
[] get to know me more(:

[] be like WTF/:
[] punch you
[] walk away confused
[] kiss you back
[] laugh
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[] slap you 
Put this as your Facebook status.♥(:

someone's name in different tones or accents to see if they will hear you.♥  

" Mom! I lost my phone..."
"Retrace Your
"Seriously! I don't even remember what I had for breakfast this morning."





          I remember the first day we met.

We were 3 years old in Preschool.
You came up to me with one
pink crayon in one hand and a purple one in the other and said "I like your shoes.Do you wanna color a picture with me?" and I said yes.And you wrote with your scribbly handwriting best friends forever and everwith a little heart and stick figures.Then you said "Promise?" and you never broke that promise and we have been best friends for 10 years and hopefully for the rest of our lives.


Does anyone else wonder...

What guys do at sleepovers

I asked once and all the guy said was i don't know stuff!

what do girls do at sleepovers?

(and i certainly could NOT tell him that!)

So i replied,

I don't know, stuff!




Hey, you!

Have you seen that hardware store down the street?

It’s a lot like you.

50 cents a…




There Was A Girl
that had very small breasts and she could almost n e v e r find bras in her size.
So, one day she went out to buy some more bras. She went to the first store and
asked, 'Do you have any bras in my size?'. The person at the counter replied no.
She went to the next store tiredly. Again, she asked, 'Do you have any bras in my
size?' as she pointed to her breasts ( i t  w a s  e a s i e r , b t w . ) Again, the
cashier said no. She tried one more store asking the same and getting the same
answer. Finally, she got fed up as she went to the next store. She stormed inside
the store, lifted her shirt up and flashed the cashier. 'Do you have anything
for these?!?' she yelled angrily. 'Of course,' the cashier said, 'Bug spray is

"In Aisle Eight.''