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Quotes by 87smiles8D

What Happened?
You used to be so sweet.
You used to be so funny.
You used to love me.
You broke me.


Poem Mark wrote for me(:

Since the day I met you
My heart forever grew
Your sweet glossy eyes
Stopped my heart in surprise
I felt incomplete always hangin with friends
But hangin with you tied my lifes ends
I hated not knowing
If you felt the same
At times I wanted
To burst into flames
Eventually your angel like state
Summoned me up the courage
To ask if you wanted to date
When you said yes
I knew you were my Jess
The first couple of months were rough
It was than I knew
I had to be tough
I straightened up my act
To keep our relationship in tact
Now the last couple of months
Have proved to me
That life with you will last a century
Sometime in the future
I hope to give you
The ring you deserve
That will cost more than any two


Remember when we would laugh and play,
when we would be together everyday?
The times we had were so fun.
Is it true we're really done?

I miss you so much.
I want your touch.
I want your kiss.
Something I'll forever miss.

Just maybe,
once again you'll be my baby.
I want you back,
and that is that.


Dear Mark,

I love you. I wish we were still together. I hate this so much. Why did this have to happen? I'm miserable. I'm sorry I truly am. I miss you a lot. I wish I could have another chance. We have been through so much. I have more than a thousand memories with you. You were the best boyfriend I have ever had. You treated me like a princess. I miss that. I don't want to forget you ever. You were and still are my first love. I will always love you. No matter what happens you will always have a special place in my heart. Do you think me and you could be friends because I don't want to lose you completely? So please write back. Bye.



I need you back I'm sorry please Babe I love you!
Im so in love with you. You drive me crazy. Me nd you forever Babe(:  I love you Mark!!
Happy Anniversary Baby!!
Me and You FOREVER!!
I love you so much!!
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