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Emilee+ What are my favorite books, authors, movies, actors, musicians, foods, dreams? Hush Hush and Looking For Alaska, John Green and Amanda Hawking, Casino Royale and Mean Girls, Ian Somerhalder and Jennifer Lawrence, Cheesecake and Caramel Frapp. Hmm

Quotes by concepts*

Imagine you are

When Big Hero 6 first came out I thought I just missed the other five
my mom left me at home with a cake and
I just can't help it, it's so yummy and it's slowly dissapearing and I don't know what to do and
I'm also allergic to milk
Petty Problems #3
When your lipgloss gets on something other than your lips.
Petty Problems #2:

Getting a headache after watching Netflix eight hours straight.
Petty Problems #1
Wondering if he's going to ask you to the Homecoming Dance.
a wise man once said:
If I died today would you confess your love tomorrow?
English teacher passing out essays: "Oh C can you C by the C, C, C, C."
I love how the default Witty profile pictures are cats, It's like Steve already knew where our lives were headed.