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Quotes by ADTR

You did the wrong thing, to the right girl.

It was my world baby and you just lived in it.
Okay, you know one of theyre songs and its their newest or most popular one.
Tell me more about how theyre your favorite band. -_-
id loveee a witty tee shirt.. but then everyone would know i have a witty and that wouldnt be good...
i got your text the first time
you dont need to send it an additional 10 times.
so today..
he showed up at my front door.
confessed he loved me since the day he saw me.
kissed me.
asked me to be his girlfriend.
and hung out with me all day.

hahahaah yeahhh.. happy april fools day.
I want a witty brother, badly.
you're always in my heart, you're always on my mind, when it all becomes too much you're never far behind.

And theres noone that could ever take your place, cause only you could love me this way.

i need to vent.

anyone up to listen?
so today was one of those days.. no make up, being a bum and what not..
he told me i should do it more often.
wouldnt it be ironic
to die in the living room?