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all i want is the pink out of my hasir is that such a big deal? no its not but your lazy as fuc* is that far to me? no i fucki* hate you now just go away 
my boyfriend gave me a cute little lap dance <3
we all swear but if you dont want witty to be closed down report any quotes that have swearing or steve will have to shut down wittty please. if you dont belivie me look wittys facebook page :)
i lost a very specail man yesterday. my grandpa. he was my daddy. he was there when my dad wasnt. i was downstairs and i heard him cough and then my grandma panic. i called 911 but by the time they got there i knew it was to late. i wanted and still am strying to belivie im in bad dream and when i wake up he will be sitting on the cough waiting to cook me food. i know this will never happen but im just going to think it will. ive had 6 panic attacks. ive almost had to go to the hosptial. im still shaking the sight was so scary. all i want to say is that i love you and will mis you papa <3 

so yesterday in art i wrote him a letter on hhow i feel. tomorrow im going to give him the letter. im soo nervous and scared. all i keep thinking is he wont like me or its gonna ruin our friendship and im just so nervous all i think is he wont like me. i feel like his old girlfriends are way prettier. im so nervous for tomorrow :/




this qutoes gonna be ugly. but i just need to vent thats all. ive been sad i cry everynight in the shower because all i want is loe and i never get it. why am i uglyy? not good enough? like please someone tell me . yes ive had a boyfriend and for along time 6months and hes all i want back and i think we might be back but ill i want is to be happy and be loved not fwbs to be loved. thanks for reading if u did <3
i wanna a boy who wears a pair nikes
shinnin brighter then my highbeams
cooler then some icetea
hotter the a match stick

Marilyn Monroe, one of the most beautiful women in the world, was a size 14.

So to all of you girls who think you're fat

Because you’re not a size 0, remember that.
You are the beautiful one. It's society that's the ugly one.