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I'm a horse lover and equestrian! And a TOTAL book nerd. I'll read anything you put in front of me. I love getting inspired by quotes and so I'm here to help send some inspiration of my own around!

Quotes by Abbyjo

How did humans get so screwed up?
I will continue to fight this battle
I will not give up
You can push me down
I won't lay there waiting for someone to pick me up
Because in this world all you have is yourself
So I will continue
With all these cuts and bruises
With tears in my eyes
I will continue to fight this battle

there's no heartache 6 feet underground
Kids are still depressed if you dress them up
The worst thing you could ever do to a person is give them a taste of everything they have ever wanted
And then pushing it just out of their reach
So they look at it their whole lives
Remembering the happiness they felt
And can never feel again
I walk this road all alone
With thoughts of you playing in my mind
I waited for something
But something died
So I waited for nothing
But nothing arrived
Being strong isn't something I chose to do
It was something that was forced apon me when being weak wasn't an option
Nobody believes they are truly the villain. 
Friends can break your heart too.