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Quotes by Acacicat

Well, despite the fact that I am heart broken and want someone to talk to, Doctor Who and Harry Potter are here for me. 
(And witty too) 
Do you ever feel like you have nowhere to go? Like nowhere at all? Because no one will undersand? 

Although it hurts
I'll be the first to say that I was wrong
Oh, I know I'm probably much too late
To try and apologize for my mistakes
So..i said no to that guy...and i did it because my bestfriend said he was a player...shes now dating him... firend is ingnoring me because i didn't say yes to a guy when he asked me out. Like legit no joke.
Well...the other day I talking to my friend courtney on the phone. We were talking about my ex-bestfriend. Well, apperently, my ex-bestfriend has a notebook on all the reasons she hates me. Now im not talking a simple one subject, this think is fu--cking 3 subjects. Like really? Can't you have more class than that? Or self respect? 

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<3 all of you :3

All my friends are up playing Xbox with each other till 5 am, and im just here like...This one time...i didn't go to bed till 8 at night #YOLO
Forever Friend-zoned :/
Whishing someone would text you....I mean I cant answer all 0 text messages at once people...