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Tell me you love me,
and I'll be yours forever
Hey there :) 
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I'm Bilkis --> call me Billie â�® 
I'm 15 , a Muslim and I live in Ireland :)
Being muslim doesn't make me any different from you though..
I'm a generally happy person, people call me
weird and random , but I tell them ' I'd rather be weird than be seriously boring.'
Stand up for what you believe in..even if you stand alone.
I love:
Quotes ( kiinda obvious)
My friends and family
Food :3 (this should be the first one^^)
Music -> rock, dubstep, indie-rock, indie, ska , rap, country rock, techno ,electro, dance �
I love everything about life..hearing some people's stories makes you appreciate the little things :3
My amazing best friends are : Zekia and Safa (followurdreams) �
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Quotes by ActivateMyHeart

Best Friends
they know how weird you are
but still choose to be seen with you in public.

When you're a fast texter,
3 minutes
is a long time to wait for a reply.

In awkward situations,
we all pretend to text.

If you can't win the argument,
just correct their

As soon I accept that
you're gone,

you're back.

I'm strong
because I know what's it like to be

Can I ask:
One Direction or Justin Bieber?

If b!tches could fly 
my school would be a f*cking airport.

If you start to miss me 
remember I didn't walk away..
You let me go.


Every girl has five personalities.

1. How she acts at school.
2. How she acts around her friends.
3. How she acts around her family.
4. How she acts when she's with him.
5. How she acts when she's alone.



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