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Hey! My name is Alexandra. I'm friendly, crazy, and fun! I came to this world in September 4th. I'm 13th. The important people in my life is friends and family. My other account didn't exict and I couldn't get in ,I don't know why but I made a new account and I'm making more quotes so hope you enjoy them! :)

Quotes by Acutie1998

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo icarly is over 


    Hate the feeling 
when your foot fall asleep Zzzz
                               Who else just want to go up to their crush                        and just say "I always liked you".


On the internet

Me:OMG it's 11:11 ok I wish for...

(turns 11:12)

Me:f/ck you -_-

Good News


Christian Bale visits Colorado shooting victims 

Remember them always:Boyfriends who saved their girlfriends,a boy who celebriting his birthday,a six year old girl exited about learning how to swim,an aspiring reporter,a girl just trying to work on subway,a mother,a father,two soldiers,all of them <3


To Alex
He died at the Colorado midnight movie and it was his 27th Birthday.

Happy Birthday Alex


You are my favorite Hello

But my hardest Goodbye

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-nmf. why can't you see you belong with meee

Don't be Negative

Be Positive!

The Amazing moment
Is when your period is done!