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if people were rain, I was a drizzle and she was a hurricane.

" I fell in love the way you fall asleep. 
Slowly, then all at once. "

my name's nadiya. I'm an overthinker, a pop-punk-rocker (ahaha *cough*) and a writer.

+ You Me At Six, All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Fall out Boy. Spending time on the internet, reading, eating, writing, singing, dancing. Friends, playing guitar, family and sweets, of course.

- drama, divas, homework, work in general, intolerance, selfishness, bossy people and arrogance.

I am a hilariously open person - ask me whatever you wish.
Feel free to talk to me,
. <3


Quotes by AddictedToLife

things in motion tend to stay in motion,
while things at rest tend to stay at rest.
I don't even know what to hope for.
 those 'stare-from-a-distance' crushes are crazy.
 I didn't actually believe it'd be possible.
 but it is - it really is, and it's hilarious. 
 I feel hilarious.
 everything I did was watch him and oh my god, 
 he is so cuute. 
 just the way he smiles makes me feel so damn happy.
 I don't even know his name.

  I feel like a bad joke.


Not that smart,
not that hot,
not that funny,
not that kind.
That's me: I'm just not that.

 smiling bitterly,
  not knowing what to say,
  feeling the urge to run away.
  - that's how my days go by.

  only now I realize
  how stupid I've been,
  being my silly self, a hilariously idiotic teen.
  - seems like I don't even try.

I'm not needy, and I don't get jealous easily. It's just - I love her.
You may say I'm crazy, but let me explain myself.
I could slap everyone who talks sh¡t about her. She's awesome. But look, in some awkward way, I'm glad some people don't like you.
It sounds like I am obsessed with you - wait, maybe that's true, duh, but let's not forget what we're talking 'bout - and that means I don't want you to feel hurt. Obviously. But when people don't like you - it's simply easier. There's more of you for me to love.

Sometimes I ask myself;

is it
killing you 
like it's killing me?
If your 8 year old self would meet you, would they be proud?
Feel free to tell me in the comments.

In my opinion, the younger version of me would probably be proud, just a little, If I'd explain what I go trough every day and night.
Get what I mean?

she said she's no
 good with words,
 but I'm worse.