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Adviceandsurveys's Favorite Quotes

They have this opinion of you
but they don't know
any of the facts
-kim kardashian


You didn't love her,
because you don`t destroy the person you love
not my format!
- greys anatomy







halloween series #3
how to look like a:snape from harry potter

requested by : loveyuux

- well snape doesnt wear much makeup but here are some things you should do

1. make your face very pale with a powder
2. have a very pale lip
3. a little black eyeliner on your waterline

you`re gonna wanna dress in all black.
- a button down black shirt
- black dress pants , or any kind of black pants
- a black cape
-black shoes

-his hair is very messy so what i would o is straighten it then curl up the ends and just playaround. also get some black hair spray dye

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How to: stop biting your nails
requested by: AmazingRachel

1. keep nail polish on your nails because it has a bad taste, and you will tend to not bite them as much because they look nice

2. put a scented moustrizer on your hands, because if you try to bite your nails its gonna taste pretty bad.

3. give yourself a prize for every week that you don`t bite your nails.

4. keep your hands busy

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there was nobody out there

for me to look at and say, you know what maybe this isn`t healthy, maybe starving myself isn`t the answer. So I want to be that, For a thirteen year old girl at home deciding whether or not to eat dinner. Or an eighteen year old deciding whether or not to keep her breakfast down. There needs to be a role model out there. And for the first time in my life, I actually feel like one.

-DEMI LOVATO; she truly is my inspiration


mom: How is our pregnant little daughter ?
daughter: how did you know?

I meant perfect
wait.... WHAT!?

Did you eat?
Did you eat?

Are you copying me?
Are you copying me?

I love you!
Yea, I ate already

chapter 6


I woke up in the morning to a slap in the face, it was Blake. I knew my parents must have left for work , and fear rapidly struck me. There was a huge red mark on my face, and my face was crusty with blood. "this will never be over, you know that right?". I shook my head in utter fear, and started to cry, I couldn't breathe. Blake finally went to take a shower, and I was relieved, knowing that I have ten minutes without pain. "DING DONG", the doorbell rang. who could it be? I asked myself. I ran down the stairs as fast that I could, and opened the door, it was Mason. "You forgot your jacket in my car last night" , I was looking down, so he couldn't see that i have been beat. " thanks" I said, "you should really go, please just go, it isnt good for you to be here." I accidentaly looked up and realized my life could be over. He saw all my scars, and the blood on my face. " OH MY GOSH, ARE YOU OKAY?" , Mason yelled surprised. "be quiet , please be quiet, just leave, please." I said. Fear once again struck upon me as i heard the water from the shower turn off, i knew that if Blake walked down here, he would see me, and I would die. " just tell me what is going on" Mason exclaimed, he sounded like he had so much care in his voice, like he really wanted to help me, I wished I could just leave with him,and never see Blake again, but all I could do was cry, I looked up at Mason with tears filling my eyes, and slowly said, "Blake, my boyfriend, he beats me.