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Hey girlys my name is Anna:) I'm 12 years old and I love witty sorry for not putting up a picture I will in a bit! If anyone needs to talk in here! Stay beautiful<3

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im a strong girl. i keep my sh*t in line. even with tears streaming down my face ill manage to say im fine.
life asked death:
death, why do people love me but hate you?

death replied:
because you are a beautiful lie and i am the painful truth.
Last weekend i volenteered at a christmas party for kids in the homeless shelter and the domestic violence shelter. We each got asigned to a kid while the moms went to buy them christmas presants... i watched a little boy named drake. i asked him what he wanted for christmas and he said "nothing." i relyed "why?" and he said "i already got what i wished for.." and what was that? "for daddy to stop hitting me and mommy." when i left i burst out crying
the worst things in life come free to us💔
That moment when you realize you. have. no. one.
U Gotta Love Yourself
what is the song called that says this:
hair tied up chillen with no makeup on thats when ur most beautiful hope u dont take it wrong

help me witty!!
Plz Read:
last night after my school dance i had friends sleepover liz* (name changed) started talking to a guy on instagram and trying to talk him out of suicide (joey_hearts_you) she had never met him in real life. he kept posting pictures of pills and razors. We called 911. we talked to the police and they said they would try to find him. 5 min later we heard sirens, we looked out the window and 3 police cars sat there with flashing lights. as we watched the police walk up to my door i saw one of them load their tazor, as if we were involed in the suicide. we were interviewed and had our phones looked completely through. then they stood up and left. I dont no if he is still here or if he succeded.
It was creepy like mabey a message........i watched amanda todds video friday night....minutes before she killed herself.

R.I.P Amanda