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Hey girlys my name is Anna:) I'm 12 years old and I love witty sorry for not putting up a picture I will in a bit! If anyone needs to talk in here! Stay beautiful<3

Quotes by Agj2000

god gave you this life because you are strong enough to live it
a lot of girls make quotes about how little boys at walmart come up to them and tell them they r beautiful and stuff and im just sitting here like.....i dont even go to walmart{(-.-)}
oh i wish i could be myself skinny jeans,snapbacks,skateboard,hightops. colored high lights mabey. but no because my family just cant except. anything but perfect.
I crave perfection.
you asked me what was so damn awfull about my life and well i think i finally found a way to put it into words. The pressure to be perfect.
that akward moment when:
ur mom is planning a big trip to the water park and u r going during ur period and ur just like really mom really?-_-
Im sick of people saying that people younger then 13 shouldnt be on witty. I have a lot of friends on witty and this is their escape and its mine too. So pretty much your asking me to say bye to my witty bestfriend/bigsister and my only escape?....
Life is not measured by the amount of breaths you take but by how many moments take your breath away
I maybe just maybe might be in love with you:-/
this is what i think of the landoniswitty quote and all the other wuotes hating gays
Guess what? I'm not here to swear at u or call u names or anything. I'm also not here to stand up for u. Because witty is about expressing ur feelings but of they hurt someone else then u probly shouldn't post it. Witty is like a family were everyone supports everyone and excepts everyone. But u kinda took that belief away from me. I'm not gay or lesbian or anything but that doesn't mean I don't except them for them. But I really did think people on witty wouldn't judge other people. Guess I was wrong.