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Flat chested unathletic Potato; Music lover & unknown Artist.
Mother of a child (Hid i'm talking about you ;)Nice to people most times, Witty is my Home.

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Quotes by Aidan

Why I hate guests:
1. I have to get out of my room.
2. I have to engage conversations.
3. I have to smile.
4. I have to wear pants.

What if all the song titles eneded with:
in my bed?
*How to compliment a girl in French*
Bonjour cute!
Madam? More like Madayum.

Bon appetits.
*In a cooking competition*
Judges: So what did you cook?
Contestant: I made a chocolate mousse cake with vanila ice cream and sticky apples.
Judges: That sounds great! Can we taste?
Contestant: No.
Contestant: *Grabs the plate and runs away*

It's funny how dentist can explain all your problems by you not flossing.

You: I have a cavity.
Dentist: It's because you don't floss.

You:  My tooth fell out.
Dentist: It's because you don't floss.

You: A guy shot me.
Dentist: It's because you don't floss.

That moment when you're watching a movie
and a boy and a girl meet
and you just think:
yup, they're gonnakfuck.
Author: Let's write a book.
Author: I have to add a meannbitch to spice things up.
Author: Everybody hate her now.
Author: How about showing her nice and lovable side?
Author: She's now the most loved character in the book..
Author: ...
Aurhor: ....
Author: Let's kill her.

Taylor Swift: I'm sick of young dudes,
Taylor Swift: Want a guy who's 82.
Taylor Swift: He can put up with me,
Taylor Swift:: Cause he's been to world war two.
Oh Shane!
Douche: Why ride a rollercoaster when you can ride me?
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Girl:  Because a rollercoaster can actually make me scream.
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