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Flat chested unathletic Potato; Music lover & unknown Artist.
Mother of a child (Hid i'm talking about you ;)Nice to people most times, Witty is my Home.

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do any millionares follow me that are bored

Hey, auto-correct
quit tampering with 
my curse words
you mother forklift.
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Trying to embarrass me is so unnecessary i do it to myself just fine.

along with buttons to vote comments up or down, there needs to be a 'donate a chill pill' button. (Steve, work on  this  PLS . )
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Spongebob: Patrick you're a genius!
Patrick: Yeah I get called that a lot
Spongebob: What? A genius?
Patrick: No, Patrick
People at school: F /ck those bands you listen to
Me: What do you think I'm trying to do

Kindergarten: Stupid. Oh gosh don’t tell anyone I said that.
Elementary school: What the heck.
Middle School: Damn it this is freaking dumb as hell
High school: what the f-ck did you just say you little f-cking shitbitchcuntfuck I will beat the d!cks out of your as.s
College: what the frick frack snick snack are u doing 

(Where's the food)

what if instead of countries declaring war on each other there was just a big rap battle