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You said you would never leave me. Funny. Because you fucking left </3
Victoria Rose. 15. Obnoxious. Crazy. Loud.
 Cell phone. Facebook. Witty. Tumblr. Boys. Energy drinks. Friends. Talking. Getting dirty. Being barefoot. Cuddling. Bonfires. Aventures. Disney. Dancing in the rain.  Fooooood. Long walks. Justin Bieber. Laughing. Taylor Swift. Fam[ily] Froyo. Cartoons. Sleeping. Being immature. Having fun. Not caring what people think. Coffee. Shopping. Inside jokes. Singing. And just living life ♥

I'm happy with myself and where I am in life. I have a bigmouth and I always speak my mind. I am odd, but sometimes that is quite alright. I love Madison Jones. Through thick and thin, we will always be there for eacother.♥

Forget the haters, the fakers, the people who think they know you, the ones who try to bring you down, the liars, the two-faced dumbasses, the cheaters, and the ones who say you can't.


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Anyone else remember when
Disney 365 was
Disney 411?

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What if...

oxygen actually made your voice really deep and helium just made it normal again?


You're too gorgeous to be single ;)
Yeah, and you're too ugly to be flirting with me.

♥And I'm still waiting for
this whole.
"best four years of your life"

to take effect.

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Teacher: Did you do your homework?
Me: Did you grade my test?
Teacher: No, I have other students tests to grade.
Me: Then no, I have other teachers homework to do. 

If someone breaks your heart,

punch them.

Seriously, just punch them in the face.

&then go eat some icecream.


If one teacher  can't teach us every
  s i n g l e  subject
how do they expect one student to LEARN
every s i n g l e subject?