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hi :) im Aisley. I love Harry Potter and i am a christian :) i hope you like my quotes!

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are beautiful


when a guy has an accent, he automatically gets 47832567365747563495328756347897 times hotter

Hey lovelies! Can i ask you a favor? for all of you who have facebooks, please click on this link and press that you are dont actually have to attend anything. it is for a competition and we just need a lot of "attendees". please do it! i want them to come to Seattle!!/events/218680141542738/ 

Dear Santa,
All i want for Christmas is: One Direction.
From, Aisley
> He stares at you a lot

> He hits you a lot(playfully)

> He uses the first thing that pops into his head to start a converstaion with you

> He yelled, "HI" to your mom that day she picked you up from school

> He tries to make you laugh anyway even if he gets hurt in the process

> His voice gets softer when ever you two talk

> You hung up on him. He called you back

> You where invited by him to a group outing

> He called you to talk about nothing at all

. > He imitates your laugh Which makes you laugh even harder

> He remembers little things you mention in casual conversation

> He sometimes stares straight into your eyes.

> He uses every possible way to touch you (your hair, face, thighs, etc.)

Now make a wish.
Ok stop!!
Your wish will come true if you re-post this If you don't repost this then you will never get asked out or you will lose the one you love!

Repost this in 15 min and your wish will come true in 5 days.
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The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!

And who else has been excited for Christmas since September? :)
And does anyone else, wish they could have a Tom Riddle diary, but instead of him writing back, Taylor Swift would, and give you advice?<3
Student: Can i go to the bathroom?
Teacher: I dont know, can you?
Student: Well, i guess we will find out!