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My name is Sara. I'm 15 years old.
Live, Laugh, Love. <3 <3 <3


Quotes by AlabamaGirl

You had a fight with your parents?
Someone out there, wishes their parents were still together.
Or at least alive, for that matter.
You refuse to eat, because you’re a little over weight?
Someone out there, is dying because of hunger.
... You’re breaking out and you hate what you look like?
Someone out there, has a disease that goes along with it.
You don’t like your hair because it’s too frizzy?
It’s better than having no hair at all, sweetie.
You’re crying over a guy who dumped you?
Someone out there is crying over someone who passed away.
You think you look ugly with glasses?
Someone out there can’t even see at all.
You think your life’s a pain and you want to end it?
Babies get aborted, and don’t even get a chance to live it.
I get how sometimes you feel like life isn’t fair.
But I dare you to go up to a person who has it worse than you,
And compare.

You say you're leaving and it's for the best..

Please tell me now if I passed the test..

I won't make as as long as you think I will..

Please spill out the words and I promise I won't kill..

You promise that you'll miss me and that you won't forget me..

How do I know if it's not a scam.. I'm not a hopeless little lamb..

I mean, damn.. What did I do to deserve this?

I'm not a lying little b**** who needs to get kicked..

What a shame.. You say you have game? You're so lame!

 Jordan + Sara = <3

Those sad moments when you think of someone you don't want to think of.

I'm thinking about writing a story? Anyone else agree?

Haha! To the people who put pictures about what they want a guy to be like..

Good luck finding someone if you're that high maintenance, Ladies.. <3

I'm going off of personality... Not just looks..

If someone is out there for you, then you shouldn't have to have lists of how they act, look, etc..

They could be a completely different person you wanted..

That would make you realize that if you stop looking at one point, someone could be out there waiting for that one moment.. <3 

I've learned not to judge someone before I know them...

We all know that rumours get around.. and some are true...

If you judge someone, it's opening a door for them to judge you, too...<3

 Think twice before judging someone..!

Judging is GOOD

Judging is BAD!

It's not about how old a song is.. It's more about how much the song means to you... 

She's jealous because she's afraid you'll find someone prettier, smarter, skinnier, calmer, stronger, and better
than her.

Someday you'll love me. Someday you'll care. Someday you'll treasure the moments we've shared. Someday you'll learn, love is not a game. Then you'll realize, I'm not the same. My heart will have left you, my love will have died. Then you'll realize the tears I've cried. Someday you'll love, someday you'll care, someday you'll want me and I won't be there.